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5 Must-See Warner Bros. Movie World Attractions for Film Buffs

There’s no denying the pure feeling of bliss when you sit back and enjoy a film. From the talented actors and the gripping plot to the jaw-dropping stunts, it’s always a magical viewing experience.

Luckily, the folks at Warner Bros. Move World know exactly how you feel, and have created a haven for cinephiles to embrace their love for the big screen! Immerse yourself in the world of Hollywood and try out these top movie activities for the ultimate blockbuster experience.



Meet and Greet All Your Fave Film Folks

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When we say all of them, we mean it. From the Looney Tunes gang of your childhood to your Justice League heroes, they’re all here waiting to see you. Just stroll around a bit and you’ll definitely spot the guys you’ve always been watching— straight out of the screen!



Watch Batman Take His Ride for a Spin

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Ever wondered what the big fuss over The Batmobile is about? Now’s your chance to see this sweet ride up close. Watch it drive by during the Streetstar Parade. Or if you wanna get up close and personal, make your way to the Bat Alley and snap a pic or two with it!



Geek Out Over Costumes, Props, and Other Film Trinkets 

via Warner Bros. Movie World

If you’re a sucker for set design, this is just the exhibit for you! Head over to WB Studio Showcase to see costumes, props, and trinkets used in some of the best cinematic masterpieces out there. The past exhibit included classics like The Great Gatsby, thrilling superhero flicks like Suicide Squad, Shazam!, Wonder Woman, and Hollywood gems like A Star Is Born.



Be Part of Behind-The-Scenes Filmmaking Action 

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Admit it, you’ve always dreamed of yelling “And… Action!” on the set of your action-packed motion picture that‘s sure to be a blockbuster hit. Thanks to New York Film Academy Australia, guests of the Golden Coast Theme Park will now get to participate in some filmmaking magic with the different Hot Sets installed around the area. Don’t miss out on the chance to test out the different filming equipment yourself, guided by the prestigious school’s talented members.



Experience No Chill Thrills

via Warner Bros. Movie World

End the Golden Coast Theme Park adventure with an adrenaline rush you’ll feel even hours after you leave and purchase the Stunt Driver Exclusive Experience. Get into all kinds of heart-racing adventures, like priority seats at the Hollywood Stunt Driver 2 show, a meet and greet with Showtime’s FMX stunt team, and even a chance to get on a stunt car for the ride of your life.



Experience all of these and loads more perks like fast-tracks, access to all attractions, and VIP offers when you purchase the Star Tour!

Movie geeks, what are you waiting for? Take the ultimate trip of your life and buy your Warner Bros. Move World tickets for a special deal, only at KKday!



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*Featured image via Warner Bros. Movie World