Best Destinations In The Philippines For Female Solo Travelers

In the 21st century, there’s no more place Christopher Columbus can go to that Christine can’t. World expeditions are no longer exclusive as a man’s adventure, and in a country of several thousand islands such as the Philippines, modern-day Amelia Earhart and Nellie Bly can certainly get their fill. There are many ways to experience many things, with its blend of unique modes of transport, natural and cultural wonders, and friendly communities.

Solo travel in the Philippines may seem intimidating at first, but it’s a liberating experience that every woman should seek. Once you start it, you can never get enough of it. We’re here to help you get started with the best destinations in the country for female solo travelers below.




Tagaytay is easily one of the best destinations for a female solo traveler, especially if you’re from Manila. It takes only an hour, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re driving or commuting—getting here is easy. The cool climate and the view of Taal Volcano are the most sought-after. But women with an eye for beauty and color will also love the tastefully decorated cafes and restaurants in Tagaytay. 

Check out in Tagaytay: 




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For lovers of cool climate, Baguio is another destination where ladies can flash their winter fashion without going abroad. When it gets too cold, talking with locals at restaurants and artist villages will warm your heart and soul. Spending time at one of Baguio’s many parks especially at sunset is the perfect way to savor some solitude. 

Check out in Baguio:




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If you’d rather be under the sun, you’ll be toasted golden in Siargao. Free-spirited island girls will enjoy exploring this tiny island on a motorbike or on a boat—or, let’s not forget, a surfboard. Any fear of hitting the road by yourself will immediately fade away as locals and fellow travelers can instantly make you feel like you belong. Traveling solo doesn’t mean you’ll be alone all the way.

Check out in Siargao:



El Nido

You’ll find a lot of groups kayaking together amid the lagoons of El Nido. However, the real magic happens when you paddle alone at your own pace, the towering limestone cliffs feeling so alive and intimate. Back on the shores of El Nido town, the vibe is very similar to Siargao, tropical and free but with a more concentrated nightlife scene. It’s easy for female solo travelers to build new friendships with locals and expats alike. 

Check out in El Nido:



Puerto Princesa

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Puerto Princesa is a very fitting destination for women with the soul of a fearless princess. The world-famous Underground River obscures many beautiful secrets around it, and female solo travelers who are not afraid to wander will love the quaintness that envelops the west coast, marked with bare footprints and pawprints. If you’re lucky, you may even watch the sunset with a furry friend while enjoying local delicacies at a beachfront cafe.

Check out in Puerto Princesa:




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Those with a penchant for history will find joy touring solo around the peaceful city of Iloilo. Molo Church is the perfect place for the ladies to start; it is the city’s very own “female” church, dedicated to Saint Anne. Tracing the Iloilo River will lead you to other historical sites like Molo Mansion and Calle Real. You can extend the adventure to the neighboring Guimaras Island, home to the best mangoes in the Philippines.

Check out in Iloilo City:

  • Historical walk at Calle Real, lined with local shops
  • The female and male churches: Molo Church and Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral
  • La Paz Public Market for an authentic La Paz Batchoy experience




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You’ll experience a total renewal of mind and spirit in Batanes, where the lifestyle and scenery are nothing like in the city. The landscape has a life of its own, rolling like the waves of the sea, and the sky looks so much bigger. The local community is very attached to tradition and nature, which reflects in their kind and gentle disposition. 

Check out in Batanes:

  • Vayang Rolling Hills
  • Iconic lighthouses of Basco, Sabtang, and Tayid
  • Traditional stone houses and churches scattered around Basco and Sabtang



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