9 Ways To Make Mother’s Day Special While Staying At Home

Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to show our love and appreciation to our moms. Fortunately, we can still make a fun and memorable day even when you’re just staying at home. Since this holiday is all about letting our dear moms relax, you can volunteer to do the house chores or prepare her favorite meal. Whatever you decide to do, a simple gesture can go a long way.

As COVID-19 still poses a threat in the country, we listed down different ways on how to make this year’s Mother’s Day special while in quarantine:



Cook Her Favorite Meal At Home

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Since it’s not yet safe to go out because of the quarantine restrictions, why not try cooking your mom’s favorite meal? A home-cooked meal is something your mom would love because it shows that you went the extra mile to make her day. You can try a classic recipe or go for something more creative for an extra surprise!



Bond Over Her Favorite Hobbies

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Ask your mom about her favorite hobbies and, maybe, you could join a virtual cooking class together,take part in workout sessions, or listen to her favorite podcasts. Get those creative juices flowing as you spend some time together on her special day.



Treat Her Sweet Tooth

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Mother’s Day wouldn’t be complete without something sweet! If your mom is a big fan of sweets, the best way to celebrate at home is by baking her a delicious dessert made with love. If ever you don’t have the time to prepare and bake, you can order these special treats from Miss B only on KKday.



Enjoy an At-Home Spa Day

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Treat your mom to a special day of pampering at the comfort of your home. Get the face masks, essential oils, and scented candles in! Go extra with setting the lighting and playing some relaxing music to complete the mood.



Do The House Chores For Her

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A simple way to celebrate Mother’s day at home is by doing something out of your mom’s list of chores. Whether it’s doing the cleaning or laundry, helping her with house chores will give her much-needed rest and she’ll get to enjoy a clean house after!



Try DIY Crafting

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Looking for a fun project that’s also a great Mother’s Day gift? Try making your own personal DIY leather bi-fold wallet to gift it to your mom! Doing a DIY session together will show her that you put in a lot of effort to make something special just for her. Remember, as long as you put in thought and effort, your mom will love it!



Enjoy a Family K-BBQ Night

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Moms who are a fan of Korean food probably miss the sizzling sound of pork and beef as you grill it in Korean barbeque restaurants. Why not have your favorite Korean food to celebrate a special occasion? Check out our list of the best Korean restaurants that offer takeout and delivery services around the Metro!



Binge Watch Her Favorite Flicks Together

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Do you know your mom’s favorite movies? If yes, then maybe you should start buying popcorns and drinks for a movie night with the whole fam! Since it’s Mother’s Day, you might want to watch heartwarming films or chick flicks that you and your mom will love.



Host A Family Karaoke Night

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Hosting a karaoke night is a great way to gather the family and show off your singing skills. End the special day of a night filled with music and fun with the whole family! Don’t forget to prepare midnight snacks and drinks too!




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