The Best Strawberry Sandwiches In Manila And Where To Get Them

Strawberries, cream, and warm, fluffy slices of pastry—it may not sound like they go together but trust us, strawberry doughnut sandwiches are a sweet and indulgent snack that’s easily addicting. The delectable Japanese-inspired dessert is becoming increasingly popular in the metro. Interested yet? Here are seven of the strawberry sandwiches in Manila you can sample if you’re in the mood for a berry delicious treat.



Pufft’s Strawberry Monst

via Pufft Doughnuts Facebook page

Price: P880 per box of four

The Strawberry Monst by Pufft is a monstrous treat—and we mean that in the best way possible. In this best-selling take on strawberry sandwiches, Pufft stuffs a generous number of fresh strawberries inside their signature glazed donut. Drizzled with homemade strawberry jelly, it’s a lavish snack that will appeal to any berry lover.

Pre-order through the Pufft website.



Gourmet Cravings’ Whole Strawberry Filled Donuts

via Gourmet Cravings Facebook page

Price: P95 per piece with a minimum of six pieces

The Whole Strawberry Filled Doughnuts by Gourmet Cravings is an amazing balance of sweet, sour, and different textures. This yummy concoction consists of powdered glazed doughnuts filled with large juicy strawberries and homemade strawberry jelly. The shop also offers Strawberry Avalanche and Strawberry Avalanche Cheese Bombers. Plus, all of Gourmet Cravings’ pastries are made without preservatives!

Make an order via Gourmet Cravings’ Instagram.



Flour Pot’s Mixed Berry Doughnut

via Flour Pot Manila Facebook page

Price: P1,080 for a box of six

Love all kinds of berries? Flour Pot serves a delicious Strawberry Donut, but if you’re up for some variety, try their lavish Mixed Berry Doughnut. Every bite of the brioche doughnuts is blissful with its filling of local wild raspberries (sampinit) and strawberries from Benguet. Homemade raspberry jam, white chocolate custard, and a sprinkling of sugar snow complete the decadent dessert.

Order through Facebook, Instagram, or 09164937488.



Crumbcakes PH’s Strawberry Brioche Doughnut

via Crumbcakes PH Facebook page

Price: P500 for a box of four, P700 for a box of six

Inspired by the famous Donut Man, Crumbcakes PH delivers their take on the Strawberry Doughnut that’s sinfully delicious. Large strawberry chunks are stuffed inside rich brioche doughnuts with a generous heaping of homemade jelly and confectioner’s sugar. The Mandaluyong-based restaurant is known for serving lavish cakes, so expect nothing less with their strawberry doughnuts.

Send Crumbcakes PH a message on Instagram to order.



Crumbs and Grubs’ Strawberry Croissant

via Crumbs and Grubs Facebook page

Price: P550 for a box of three

Although a lot of bakeries have been going the doughnut route, Crumbs and Grubs takes inspiration from a more breakfast-friendly type of bread: the croissant. The pastry shop makes the drool-worthy Strawberry Croissant with each piece consisting of a large buttery croissant packed with fresh, juicy strawberries from Baguio. The filling also includes a generous slather of homemade strawberry preserves made with Palawan honey. According to Crumbs and Grubs, it’s only available for a limited time, so make sure you sample it before it’s taken off the menu.

Order the Strawberry Croissant in advance via the Crumbs and Grubs website or Facebook.



Claudine’s Sweet Selections’ Japanese Fruit Sandwich

via Claudine’s Sweet Selections Facebook page

Price: P580 for a box of four

The fruit “sando” by Claudine’s Sweet Selections is one’s more of a traditional sandwich than the other items on this list—albeit sweeter and more dessert-like than your usual savory sandwich. In this best-selling snack-slash-dessert, two slices of soft, airy Japanese milk bread are stuffed with fresh fruits and whipped cream. The strawberry variant is a fan favorite, especially for berry lovers, but kiwi, orange, and mixed fruit flavors are available, too.

Message Claudine’s Sweet Selections on Facebook or Instagram for your order.



Gram Pancakes’ Strawberry Filled Sandwich

via Gram Pancakes Philippines Facebook page

Price: P655 for a box of four

Gram Pancakes bucks the strawberry-filled doughnut trend and goes for their own take on it with the pancake shop’s Strawberry Filled Sandwich—and it’s sooo good! Instead of bread, Gram places a generous mass of fresh strawberries between their signature soufflé pancakes. Lighter than most other strawberry sandwiches, the sweet treat is a must-try, whether you’re eating it as a snack or a dessert. Plus, it’s a great introduction to Gram’s yummy and ultra-fluffy pancakes!

Available for dine-in and take-out at Gram Pancakes Megamall. For delivery, contact 09267017774.



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