10 Summer Flicks To Marathon On Netflix

Summer is here! It’s supposed to be the season of sun-soaked beach days, lazy drinks by the pool, and blissful getaway with friends—but the pandemic is shuttering a lot of people indoors. Luckily, Netflix makes it easy to relive those balmy summer vibes with light, fluffy, and feel-good flicks. From fun rom-coms to light-hearted musicals, check out our picks of the top 10 summer movies on Netflix—and the most delicious treats you can enjoy for hours in front of the television.


The Last Summer


Lazy days, young love, and the prospect of a bright future ahead of you—there’s nothing quite like the summertime as an adolescent. Following a group of high school graduates in their final summer before college, The Last Summer captures the carefree vibe of youth on the cusp of adulthood.

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Perfect Movie Night Treat: Feel youthful with a Shooky Bucket of warm, toasty chocolate chip cookies.



50 First Dates


An oldie but a goodie! 50 First Dates tells the story of Henry (Adam Sandler) who falls in love with Lucy (Drew Barrymore) who suffers from short-term memory loss and can never remember meeting him. Set in the stunning shores of Hawaii, it’s a sweet summer movie with a beachy soundtrack that includes Israel Kamakawiwoʻole’s now iconic rendition of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.”

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Perfect Movie Night Treat: This Ensaymada Pudding is a tasty date night snack you’ll never forget.



La La Land


A captivating romantic musical, La La Land is a love story told through the seasons of the year with summertime seeing the couple (Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone) at their most blissful. Heartfelt, funny, and overflowing with charm, it is a great summer-worthy flick when you’re in the mood for romance.

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Perfect Movie Night Treat: From morning to evening, the Special Pandesal is a snack for all seasons.



Love Wedding Repeat


A summer wedding in a lovely Italian villa sounds like a dream, but Love Wedding Repeat puts Jack (Sam Claflin) in the midst of total chaos as he tries to make his sister’s nuptials go off without a hitch. Different versions of the same day play out onscreen in this fun and quirky summer romp.

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Perfect Movie Night Treat: Fall in love with the creamy vanilla-based Cuatros Leche cake.



Someone Great


Summer isn’t just about the romance; it’s also about wild summer nights in the city with friends. In Someone Great, Jenny (Gina Rodriguez) is on the heels of a devastating breakup. Before moving to a different state, she sets off on a final New York City adventure with her best friends (Brittany Snow, DeWanda Wise).

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Perfect Movie Night Treat: Pass along a bag of Milky Pandesal that’s especially delicious when shared with friends.



Wine Country


Another fabulous friendship flick, Wine Country shows that summer adventures are for all ages. Enjoy the hilarious story of a group of women embarking on a Napa getaway for a 50th birthday celebration. Starring some of the funniest female comedians in Hollywood, it’s a great way to spend a laidback summer night.

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Perfect Movie Night Treat: With three rich flavors, the Lava Cake is a mouthwatering dessert for all ages.



Eat Pray Love


If you’re a summer traveler looking for self-discovery—or at least someone who wants to watch it play out onscreen—Eat Pray Love is a biographical movie that’s easy to love. The film follows author Elizabeth Gilbert (Julia Roberts) as she journeys across the world to rediscover herself after a painful divorce.

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Perfect Movie Night Treat: A decadent slice of Basque Burnt Cheesecake will make you feel like you’re in a charming café in Europe alongside Julia Roberts.



Mamma Mia!


A pretty bride (Amanda Seyfried) invites three of her mother’s (Meryl Streep) ex-boyfriends to her upcoming wedding—leading to plenty of hilarity and romance. With the stars belting out catchy ABBA songs and the picture-perfect setting of coastal Greece, Mamma Mia! is an irresistible summer ride.

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Perfect Movie Night Treat: Enjoy a deliciously addictive homemade soy-based milk drink.



Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable


Get to know professional surfer Bethany Hamilton in this engrossing documentary. From the shark attack that changed her life to riding big waves all over the world to starting a family of her own, Unstoppable takes Netflix viewers through the life of one of the most inspiring athletes around.

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Perfect Movie Night Treat: Get stoked on these moist Thousand Gram Dirty Brownies.  



47 Meters Down


Two sisters (Mandy Moore, Claire Holt) embark on a cave diving adventure in Mexico, eventually finding themselves trapped underwater while great white sharks hunt nearby. 47 Meters Down is an unexpected summer movie pick, but Jaws taught us that a shark thriller can be a summer blockbuster if it’s exciting enough.

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Perfect Movie Night Treat: Scarf down these yummy Boba Buns like a shark.



Spend these balmy months reliving your favorite summer days through Netflix. Maybe next summer, you could whisk away on that exotic getaway you’ve been dreaming of. Get the best tour deals and travel ideas on KKday!