K-Pop Songs That Deserve To Be On Your Summer Playlist

Can you hear that? Summer is officially here! Ring in the bright and sunny season with a summer playlist with K-pop songs that will make you feel cool, splashy, and sunshiny. If you’re wondering what summer sounds like, this is it. 



Touch My Body – Sistar

A K-pop summer playlist would not be complete without a song by the original queens of summer Sistar. They’ve always brightened up the summer charts with hits such as Touch My Body. It’s a sexy and upbeat song that makes you want to fling your bikinis on and just dance at the beach with wine and chocolate and maybe a slice of cake.



Shake It – Sistar

Another Sistar summer hit that gives us extreme LSS and makes us dance is Shake It. Listen to it while watching their colorful and funky music video, and you’ve got the best summer bop with the queens. 



Party – Girls’ Generation

Drop whatever you’re doing because Girls’ Generation has declared party time! Even if you’re stuck at home, just have a nice cool summer drink in hand, and their charming and dreamy voices can instantly transport you to the beach.



Beach Again – SSSAK3

If you’ve never heard of SSAK3, it’s a fun and hippie co-ed group composed of Rain, Lee Hyo-ri, and comedian Yoo Jae-suk, which was formed in the latter’s show Hangout With Yoo. Their debut album is noticeably summer-loving, and Beach Again is the one that made huge waves. The song is not only upbeat and energetic, but it also delivers quality old-school K-pop vibes that take us back to the golden ‘90s.



Hot Sugar – Turbo

Another song that gives our summer the perfect retro vibes is Turbo’s Hot Sugar. It has a nice blend of trendy beat, exciting rap chants, and Kim Jong-kook’s sweet vocals, tunefully evoking memories of pool parties under the sun. 



Rollin’ – Brave Girls

You know you’re headed for the beach when Rollin’ is on. The song perfectly embodies the excitement we feel for summer with an explosion of synth-pop tunes and dance beats. Celebrate summer even while at home with Brave Girls on your playlist and these refreshing Moonleaf drinks.



Dance the Night Away – Twice

We love dancing in the sun—or under the summer night sky—so here’s another perfect K-pop song to dance to during the season. The energy doesn’t wane even at night! Stay cool and healthy with these milk drinks by Miss B!



Remember – Apink

Apink’s Remember will make your summer more magical with the song’s sweet, hypnotic charm. It is complemented by a music video that features a backdrop of sunny fields, pool villas, and the beaches of Busan, a top summer destination in South Korea. 



Summer Hate – Zico

Let’s face it—summer isn’t always glitzy and glamorous, especially in the Philippines where some summer days can get too hot for comfort. So why don’t we just embrace this and hate summer together while vibing to Zico’s Summer Hate?



Our Summer – TXT

TXT redeems us back to loving summer with this aptly titled ode to the sunny season, Our Summer. The boys’ bright and youthful vocals combined with the irresistible electro-dance track make us think of road trips along the beach, inhaling the warm breeze through open car windows.



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