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Beat the Summer Heat With These Thirst-Quenchers

The temperature is rising. There’s no doubt about it: summer is here. It’s time to swap the sweaters for tank tops. There’s not a cloud in the sky, and we can feel the sun on our skin. As we spend the next few weeks at home, what can we do to beat the summer heat?

There are some quick and easy options, like turning on the air conditioning or taking another shower. However, not everyone can afford such luxuries. Staying hydrated throughout the day is our best option. So why not quench your thirst—and satisfy your beverage cravings—by ordering these refreshing drinks on KKday?



Stay cool

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Have you been looking for milk tea for days? Then look no further. Moonleaf Tea Shop can put add-ons to your preferred tea drink, whether you want it simple, fruity, or exotic. Moonleaf offers an assortment of packages to suit your taste and budget, with prices ranging from 70 PHP to 160 PHP.



Stay energized

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Nothing wakes us up more than a cup of jolting coffee or a few pieces of indulgent chocolate. Feel energized through your long day and get your dose of caffeine with a refreshing coffee or chocolate drink from Moonleaf Tea Shop. You can’t go wrong with this small luxury at affordable rates of 75 PHP for pickup and 105 PHP for delivery from select Quezon City branches.



Stay happy

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With Moonleaf Tea Shop’s Tiger Moon brown sugar milk tea, keep your sweet tooth happy and discover why brown sugar is all the rage. Relish a cup of this bestseller, which combines fresh cow’s milk and a deliciously addictive dark concoction similar to traditional arnibal (Filipino simple syrup). Get it now from KKday at 130 PHP for pickup or at 160 PHP for delivery from Moonleaf’s select Quezon City outlets.



Stay healthy

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With COVID-19 cases at record highs, it pays to build your immune system. Moonleaf Tea Shop can especially add immuni-tea boosters, such as moringa, ginger, or turmeric, to your favorite tea-based drink. Stay healthy in the comfort of your home with a tea drink with an added immunity boost at a price as low as 55 PHP. Have your tea-based beverage delivered from Moonleaf Tea Shop’s Kalayaan, Maginhawa, and Matatag branches in Quezon City for 85 PHP.



Stay hydrated

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Quench your thirst and delight in Miss B’s homemade soy milk drinks. They’re perfect for an afternoon treat or a sweet ending to your delicious meal. Select from three delectable flavors—matcha chocolate, banana chocolate, or dark chocolate—at 120 PHP. As an added bonus, you get three milky buns from Miss B. That sounds like a sweet deal.



Stay refreshed

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Feasting on summer fruits like avocado, banana, and coconut is also soothing. Feel refreshed and join in on the milk tea craze by making wintermelon tea at home. Treat yourself and order a do-it-yourself kit through KKday for 450 PHP for pickup or 480 PHP for delivery from one of three Moonleaf Tea Shop branches in Quezon City.



When the weather is hot, chill

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In the summertime, when the weather is hot, you can stretch right up and enjoy your favorite milk tea at any time of the day. Chill with a cold cup of your own gallon of milk tea goodness. It’s well worth the splurge at a rate of 850 PHP for pickup and 880 PHP for delivery from select Moonleaf Tea Shop branches in Quezon City.



*Featured image via Moonleaf Tea Shop on Facebook