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6 Stunning Waterfalls You Can Visit on Your Next Trip to Rizal

In need of a quick escape from the city and all the stressors in your life? From the stunning waterfalls to lush mountain ranges, the province of Rizal possesses natural wonders that are waiting to be explored. It’s a 2-hour drive from the metro that has it all–falls, rivers, mountains, and caves–perfect for any quick getaway outside the bustling city.

Spend a day enjoying the waterfalls, eating yummy food, and relaxing at different attractions located within the province of Rizal. Here are some of the province’s most breathtaking waterfalls that you should visit on your next trip!

Don’t forget to wear your face shield and mask, bring a hand sanitizer, and take note of the safety guidelines before your trip!



Daranak Falls

Daranak Falls Rizal
via Elmer B. Domingo on Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 4.0)

This 46 ft. high waterfall is a perfect destination for a quick and refreshing dip! Daranak Falls is a popular destination among locals because of its refreshing waters. It sits on the foot of the Tanay mountains, which keeps the water flowing regardless of the season. It’s convenient for families with kids since there’s only a short trek to the falls. There are also several stores along the way for those who want a full waterfall experience. For more information, visit Daranak Falls’ Facebook page.



Batlag Falls

Batlag Falls Rizal
via Batlag Falls Facebook page

Batlag Falls is just a 10-minute uphill hike from Daranak Falls. Only a few people come here so it will surely give you the seclusion that you’re looking for. Batlag Falls also has been used as a setting for movies so the entrance fee is doubled compared to Daranak falls. If you’re planning to visit, you can message Batlag Falls’ Facebook page.



Palo Alto Falls

Palo Alto Falls Rizal
via Palo Alto Falls Facebook page

A 10-minute trek is required to reach the foot of the Palo Alto Falls. So if you want to sweat a little before diving into the chilly freshwater, this is for you! Palo Alto Falls is one of the most stunning waterfalls in the province of Rizal and is located inside the 200-hectare Palo Alto Leisure and Residential Estates. This attraction is ideal for family and friends who want to go for a swim and have picnics during the weekend! For more information, visit Palo Alto’s Facebook page.



Hinulugang Taktak

Hinulugang Taktak Rizal
via KKday Supplier

Hinulugang Taktak is one of the most iconic and nearest to the metro on the list. Hinulugang Taktak or the place where the bell fell was derived from a large bell (taktak) which was thrown (hinulog) into the falls during the 16th century. While swimming is no longer permitted, the scenic falls and the renovated park remains a relaxing place to enjoy nature. Tourists can also experience the new facilities, including the spider web view deck, rock climbing wall, and hanging bridge. Don’t forget to bring your snacks for the afternoon picnic with the whole family!



Kinabuan Falls

Kinabuan Falls Rizal
via Kinabuan Falls Facebook page

Take a much-deserved break and head on over to one of the most serene waterfalls in Rizal. Kinabuan Falls barely get any visitors because it can only be found after a challenging trail of Mt. Irid. It is an ideal attraction for tourists who are looking for an off-the-beaten-path adventure. Kinabuan is also home to Dumagats— a group of indigenous people who call the Sierra Madre their home.



Maranat Falls

Maranat Falls Rizal
via Jhnldtg on Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 4.0)

There’s nothing like being one with nature to reset your mind, body, and soul! Maranat Falls also rarely sees a large volume of crowds, making it a perfect place to relax and unwind. Visitors must cross several rivers and overcome a tough hike to witness breathtaking views of the twin waterfalls. Make sure to pack snacks to eenjoy once you reach the falls to complete the whole experience!



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*Featured photo via Jhnldtg on Wikimedia Commons and Daranak Falls’ Facebook page