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How To Meet Up With Friends Safely In The New Normal

We miss our friends, definitely. And it’s understandable that we’d want to break away from Messenger and FaceTime and see each other face to face now that, technically, guidelines already allow us to. However, don’t let that sway you away from the threat that is very much still out there. The times are still unpredictable. If you ever decide to take the opportunity to go out and meet your friends again, keep these tips in mind to ensure the safety of yourself, your friends, and your household while the pandemic is ongoing.



Before Going Out: The Basics

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Before you step out of your front door, ask yourself the most important questions first. Do you really need to go out? Are there vulnerable family members you might be putting at risk? How can you protect yourself when you go out? 

The number one rule is to always wear a mask. Bring a hand sanitizer and ideally a separate alcohol spray so you can easily sanitize seats and other items you’ll be touching outside. 



Meet Up With 1-2 Friends at a Time

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No matter how much you adore and trust your friends, you can never be sure where or by whom you can get infected. The larger the group, the higher the risk. It’s also easier to keep a safe distance and still talk comfortably with only one or two friends. If your gang is huge, you can split up into pairs or trios and then FaceTime one another!



Express Love Hands-Free

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Handshakes, high-fives, fist bumps—our hands are a perfect tool to express camaraderie. However, in this era, they’re also the ideal bridge for viruses and bacteria to pass from person to person. So, avoid touching hands with creative handshake alternatives: do the elbow bump, put your foot out and shake it all about, or throw a wink and a finger heart!



Choose Al-Fresco Restaurants When Dining Out

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Indoor venues have a higher risk of transmission, especially with poor ventilation and a dense crowd. So if you plan to meet up with friends at a restaurant, choose one that has outdoor seating and well-ventilated spaces. Luckily for foodies, options are in abundance—from al-fresco restaurants in the metro to cafes with picturesque views in Tagaytay and Antipolo. 

If your favorite restaurant doesn’t have an outdoor space, you can instead choose a lean time when there’s less crowd. Pick a table that’s close to windows or a balcony.



Hold a Picnic/Potluck at Your Yard

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If you have a yard, a garden, or a vacant parking space outside your house, why not just hold your small get-together there? There are many advantages to this, from avoiding the restaurant crowds to having more freedom and privacy. You can cook and eat food you like, maybe grill some barbecue outside, or organize a potluck! 

However, note that we say outside the house because risks are harder to manage when inviting other people into your home. It’s also important to still encourage social distancing and wearing masks when not eating.

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Bond Through Distanced Activities

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For active and outdoorsy friends, any sport or activity that you can do outside is a perfect alternative to restaurant dates. Choose activities with minimal to no contact such as jogging, biking, and hiking. Be sure to check current local regulations before you head out!



When You Return Home

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Your duty does not end after you wave goodbye to your friends! Make sure that you don’t accidentally invite any virus particles into your home. 

Before entering, leave your footwear outside and spray them with alcohol. Take off and toss your clothes immediately into the washer, and hit the shower. If you need to rest before taking a bath, stay only in one spot and avoid touching other items and surfaces at home. Of course, don’t forget to disinfect your personal effects, everything you brought with you outside, especially your phone. 


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