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Fun Ways To Make New Friends Online During the Pandemic

The pandemic has dragged on too long for us to feel a huge rip in our lives—social, most especially. If there’s one thing we miss about the pre-coronavirus life, it’s going out, seeing new faces, and making new friends on food trips, sports, and travels. All these seem to be a distant memory, but we like to stay hopeful and look forward to getting back to the way things were. For now, we adopt creative ways to keep our social bubble alive. A huge thanks to pioneers of the internet—we are able to stay connected with the world, virtually at least, and continue to make new friends online! Here are all the ways: 



Language Exchange Apps

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If you love traveling abroad and learning new skills, how about practicing the language of your favorite country? That way, by the time we can travel freely again, you’ll be equipped with the conversational skills you need to mingle with locals! Yes, you could use dedicated language learning apps like Duolingo, but language exchange apps make it more fun and social by allowing you to practice with an actual person, a native of the language you choose. 

How it usually works is the language exchange app matches people who want to learn each other’s language. For instance, if you speak English and want to learn Korean, you can find a Korean buddy who needs to learn English. Then, you can “exchange” languages and help each other learn as you eventually build your friendship! 

Some of the most popular apps are HelloTalk, Tandem, and Bilingua



Online Group Classes and Workshops

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Another productive way to make new friends is by enrolling in online group classes and workshops. If you’re serious about learning a new skill or craft, it’s best to share the experience with other people in online programs instead of relying solely on YouTube tutorials. That way, you’ll have people you can share your passion with, get support from, and possibly become a part of your circle!

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Virtual Tours

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Virtual tourism is the new trend nowadays when there are still a lot of travel restrictions. If you’ve already got severe itchy feet, going on an online tour of your dream destination is a way to ease that. Not only that, but you can also meet new travel buddies! Many virtual tours are held in groups, and you don’t have to worry about wearing a mask or keeping your distance because everyone’s in the comfort of their own home. For now, you can explore places virtually. Later, you can fulfill your dream travels together with your new friends!

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Interest-Based Groups on Social Media

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If you’re looking for new friends, surely you’d want people with the same interests. And another perfect way to meet like-minded people is by hitting that Groups tab on your Facebook app. Be it pets, woodcraft, or skateboarding, you will most likely discover a group that caters to your specific interest. You can find local groups so you can easily meet up when the time is ripe. Or, you can even join international groups that let you talk with people from around the world. 

Aside from Facebook, you can also check out communities on Discord and subreddits on Reddit. 



Friendship and Dating Apps

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If you’re looking for a spark in your love life, dating apps are the way to go. However, not everyone’s looking for romance. The great thing is that you now have a lot of options, whether you’re into dating, friend-making, or both. Dating apps have evolved to accommodate those who are only looking for friends. For instance, popular dating apps Tinder and Bumble now have Tinder Social and Bumble BFF, respectively. If you’re already familiar with dating apps, the mechanics are pretty much the same: swipe right for new friends!



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