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COVID-19 Tests, Food, and Essentials You Can Book Through KKday

A video of local police and village security barring a food delivery service from bringing in hot lugaw (rice porridge), saying that the dish is not essential, recently went viral and sparked both memes and online debate. One thing we can all agree on, however, is that e-commerce is vital during this pandemic. When many of us would rather stay safe inside our homes, the best thing to do is to order household staples and essentials online.

KKday is mainly known for its fantastic travel offers and experiences. But did you know that you can order COVID-19 tests, health and safety essentials, and even food and drinks from your favorite travel e-commerce site?

We’ve made the search easier for you. Here is a cheat sheet of COVID-19 tests, food, and essentials you can book through KKday.



Get tested for COVID-19

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Hospitals and clinics in and around Metro Manila and other major cities are now reaching critical capacity. But the demand for COVID-19 testing continues to rise. If you and your loved ones need to get tested for the coronavirus, book a home service appointment with a reputable medical services provider for your safety and convenience.



Stock up on pandemic essentials

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Even if you’re stepping out of the house for only a few minutes, it pays to stay safe and protected. Make sure you have enough face masks and shields for the family. Stock up on essentials such as alcohol, hand sanitizer, and other pandemic must-haves:



Satisfy your cravings

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Are you tired of cooking the same dishes at home over and over? Or maybe you’re craving something new this week? Look no further than to KKday to satisfy those hunger pangs.



Quench your thirst

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Let’s be honest: we can’t live without our favorite beverages. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or a milk tea fan, KKday has got you covered with these refreshing drink options:



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