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Things To Do at Home Over Holy Week

Holy Week has begun. For Catholics worldwide, the days counting down to Easter are a week of religious traditions, masses, prayers, and self-reflection. In predominantly Catholic countries such as the Philippines, the week-long observance brings daily life to a standstill.

But for the second consecutive year, many Filipinos will have to forego church pilgrimages, summer excursions, and Easter family reunions to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Sadly, Metro Manila and nearby provinces in Central and Southern Luzon are under a strict community quarantine. Additionally, the government intends to continue this lockdown in the days that follow.

On the flip side, all this added time at home allows us to rest, catch up on our hobbies, and do the things we’ve put off for so long. Here is our list of some of the many things you can do at home over Holy Week.


Boost your beauty regimen

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Put on that face mask—a clay or sheet mask, that is. The next few days of Holy Week guarantee ultimate peace at home. Consider this an excellent time to catch up on your beauty routine. In case you’re looking for treatments to add to your arsenal of creams, toners, and serums, give these products by Snoe Beauty a try:



Go on a digital detox

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This Holy Week, challenge yourself to abstain not only from red meat, from the internet landscape as well. From Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday, dare to go on a digital detox. No smartphones, no Wi-Fi, no tablets, and no laptops. Live in the moment and relax, pray, and reflect. Your four-day detox would also be an excellent time to start a journal, complete this list, and rekindle family relationships.



Indulge in a home spa treatment

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We all could use a break from work, from online classes, from this pandemic. Without the hassle of going to a luxurious beach resort, refresh and rejuvenate at home with these spa-inspired products:



Learn a new language

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As we wait with great anticipation for the chance to travel overseas, learn a new language and culture with these online programs offered by Enderun Colleges. Whether you enjoy French cuisine, Japanese anime, or Korean dramas, or simply want to communicate in the world’s most widely spoken tongues, there’s a beginners’ class for you.



Order Easter desserts

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Staying safe and healthy at home means that we can’t see friends and extended family on Easter Sunday. But it doesn’t mean you can’t have an Easter celebration at home. Pre-order your favorite Miss B desserts for Sunday lunch with the help of KKday:



Pray together as a household

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Since we can’t go out on a pilgrimage of seven churches or attend special liturgical celebrations, the least we can do is to pray together as a family. Pray the Way of the Cross, observe silence during the Passion of the Lord, and pray the Easter Vigil. If your household has a solid internet connection, watching the masses and celebrated traditions by your nearest parish on Facebook or YouTube.



Stock up on your favorite snacks

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Public markets, groceries, and convenience stores have been seeing long queues in anticipation of the long weekend ahead. Keep the kitchen pantry and everyone’s tummies full with these snack boxes from Raw Bites:




*Featured image via Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels