K-Pop Music Videos With The Most Compelling Plots

Ever got hooked on a flick with a really gripping development but then it’s all over in five minutes? Then you remember you’re actually watching a music video. And now, you’re left theorizing on the meaning behind that short MV. That’s not unusual for K-pop fans. 

K-pop music videos have huge production value where performance, aesthetics, and plot all come into play. And in an age where a lot of people get their music fix not only from Spotify but also on YouTube, having a well-produced music video helps create a longer-lasting impression. 

From unconventional love triangles to a touch of the supernatural, we’ve listed down must-watch K-pop music videos with the most compelling plots. Best be ready with your Korean language skills to appreciate the songs better!



Love Me Harder – WOODZ

Love Me Harder starts out like a regular K-drama—two lovers quarreling in a car. But then, it immediately morphs into a supernatural thriller where WOODZ chases after his dark alter ego. No matter how taunting, this alternate persona leads us through a story of love and betrayal.



All In – Monsta X

The intriguing music video of All In can be interpreted in many ways. It’s laden with symbolic references to imperfections in society and oneself, oppression, and liberation. We’re taken through each character’s inner struggles and their journey to breaking free and finding their light. 



I Need U – BTS

The music video of I Need U is not a whole plot; instead, it’s part of a bigger story that is what fans know as the BTS Universe (BU). However, this MV is the perfect way to get initiated into BU and has the most compelling development. It gives you a picture of each character’s backstory while tackling many sensitive themes such as poverty, mental health, and domestic abuse.

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Please Don’t – K. Will

Despite being released years ago, K. Will’s Please Don’t music video is still one of the most brilliantly made and thus memorable. It features Dasom, Seo In-guk, and Ahn Jae-hyun in a typical love triangle (or so it seems). Nowadays, it may already be easy to predict the plot twist, but at the time of its release, it became the talk of the town. The plot is laid out smoothly as it leads to the big revelation in the end, baffling anyone who has watched it.



One More Day – Sistar ft. Giorgio Moroder

A K-pop music video that boldly features homosexuality, One More Day unravels a dark and daring storyline with two celebrity female leads Hong Soo-hyun and Song Hae-na. There’s also a love triangle involved, but that immediately disintegrates and we find the two girls running away undauntedly with a mysterious suitcase in tow.



The Light – The Ark

Get your tissues ready because The Ark’s debut song will make you ugly-cry. It pays homage to the 2014 MV Sewol disaster that took hundreds of lives including students. Beautifully complementing the lyrics, the music video begins with adorable scenes of mother and daughter. This puts greater weight on the events that will soon follow.



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