Inspiring South Korean Movies With Invaluable Life Lessons

Many of the best mainstream films from South Korea are action-packed and suspenseful and are a great source of entertainment. However, just like the best TV dramas that can touch your heart, a lot of South Korean movies across genres also offer a lot of invaluable life lessons. Except for Miracle in Cell No. 7, which is among the country’s highest-grossing films, many beautiful movies lie quietly under the radar. 

If you’re looking for a source of inspiration, below are the best South Korean movies that teach important lessons in life. Ready your Korean language skills for the utmost enjoyment!



Miracle in Cell No. 7 (2013)

Of course, it would be remiss not to include the cult favorite Miracle in Cell No. 7 on the list. Among the top-grossing South Korean movies, it stands out as a humane drama movie that revolves around realistic circumstances. The film was, in fact, inspired by real-life events. 

The movie follows the endeavors of a mentally challenged man and his daughter to stay together despite his wrongful imprisonment.



A Man Who Was Superman (2008)

Despite the title, this movie does not involve superhero duels or mind-blowing visual effects. It is about a man who perfectly embodies Superman even without the cape, the biceps, or real powers. His little superhero deeds are documented by a budding producer, capturing the real lessons to be gained from the man. The film teaches you how you can be a hero and use your strength (from within and without) to change the world.

Fun fact: A Man Who Was Superman was filmed in Jeonju. More than a decade after the movie, you can still feel the quaint ambiance of the town. 



The Way Home (2002)

The Way Home is a gentle and unembellished tale of family that gives the most important lessons in life. But this time, it puts the spotlight on our elderly loved ones. It tells the story of a young city boy whose life changes after he, in spite of his reluctance, is left with his mute grandmother in the countryside. 



The Himalayas (2015)

Based on the real experiences of retired mountaineer Um Hong-gil, The Himalayas follows his team’s expedition to recover the body of their friend on Mount Everest. This is despite objections and concerns about his leg injury. The film is a heartwarming story of friendship and humanity and how the right purpose can help you beat the odds. It’s also a humbling reminder of the beauty and power of nature. 



Inseparable Bros (2019)

A brainy Se-ha on a wheelchair and a brawny Dong-goo with an intellectual disability find a perfect match in each other. They are joined by a rare true friend who gives them a boost in exploring the world without reservation. However, the return of Dong-goo’s biological mother who had abandoned him threatens their brotherhood. Will Dong-goo choose her over his best friend?

Inseparable Bros not only has a lot to teach about friendship and transcending prejudice. But for a family-centric society, it evokes contemplation on the old maxim, “blood is thicker than water.”



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