10 Reasons Why We’ll Always Love BTS

Despite the high hopes of everybody this 2021, BTS lost the Grammy for pop duo/group performance to Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande. While the Rain on Me duo was certainly a strong contender, the prestigious award ceremony did not go without controversy and backlash from fans, particularly noting how the Grammys have milked BTS for viewership and ratings. 

BTS nonetheless took the loss with grace and delivered a spine-tingling performance of Dynamite at the end of the show, and they totally won over people’s hearts. The truth is—BTS needs no Grammy Award to prove the power they hold. Their talent and artistry need no further validation, and the award (or lack thereof) is no indication of their worth. 

For the ARMYs, it’s #BTSOurGreatestPrize and the fandom’s love and support go beyond the Grammys. The Bangtan boys have fortified a place in our hearts, and here are the top 10 reasons why we’ll always love BTS. 



BTS Are History Makers

BTS Stage
via BTS Official Facebook

BTS is a very accomplished K-pop act, and the awards they’ve earned and records broken have become too many to count. Apart from their success in South Korea, BTS is the first K-pop artist to take over various foreign charts and awards, most notably Billboard, American Music Awards, and of course the Grammys. Not to mention, they’ve broken numerous records on Spotify, YouTube, and Twitter! 



The Boys Are Perfect Role Models

From being a swag-wielding hip-hop group, BTS has grown to be very versatile artists with a deep, underlying message in every song. For instance, their songs don’t simply tell you to love yourself and face your fears but that it’s also important to acknowledge negative feelings. Apart from their music, the group has also been active in raising social awareness as in the Love Myself campaign with UNICEF. They’re role models and a source of inspiration for people of all ages.



BTS Is a Powerhouse of Talent

BTS Performance
via Recording Academy / GRAMMYs on Facebook

BTS are men of many talents. They sing, they rap, they dance. But apart from that, their music videos prove that the boys can be good actors too! In fact, Jin is an acting major and V has crossed over to the K-dramaland with his casting in Hwarang. Don’t even get us started on hidden talents such as painting, photography, and sports!



Every Performance Is Electric

It’s spine-tingling enough to hear a BTS song over Spotify; what more when you watch a stage performance? The choreography of BTS is so powerful and unreal that it leaves you dumbfounded and wanting more. We’re not just talking about the snappy, back-breaking moves as in Fire or On but also the flowy interpretative choreography of mellower songs like Spring Day and Black Swan.



Their Hard Work and Passion Don’t Cease

via BTS_official Twitter

The talent and skills they showcase today are not just some God-given gift. The Bangtan boys have been hardworking since day one, and what you see today is the fruit of their labor. They continue to pour their hearts into offering something new and exciting at every comeback. Yes, they don’t just wait for music to be handed to them; they’re also involved in the creation process. 

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Their Good Looks Turn Heads

BTS Outfits
via BTS_official Twitter

You’ve probably seen the Orange Suit Guy or the White Suit, Black Hair Guy trend on Twitter recently, and it’s not the first time. Many times, the BTS members have trended in the Twitterverse for their stunning looks, with nicknames given by new fans who don’t know them yet. Their beauty goes beyond their looks, though: 



BTS Are Genuine People

via BTS Official Facebook

The personalities of the BTS members are interesting and adorable, and they have different sides to them that they’re not afraid to show. They can be goofy and clumsy, they can show their bare no-makeup faces, and they’re open about their insecurities—which makes them relatable and accessible to fans despite their celebrity status. 


They Are Part-Time Comedians

If they wanted to, BTS could be the stars of their own primetime comedy show. Well, in a way, they already are—if you want a good laugh, watch their long-running variety show Run BTS on V Live. Even behind-the-scene Bangtan Bomb videos on their YouTube channel show much of their fun side. With BTS, you simply get a complete package of entertainment.



BTS Is a Family…

BTS has a special bond on and off-camera. You can see that in how supportive and how comfortable they are around each other. While other artists like to keep their relationship on a business/professional level, the Bangtan boys see themselves as a family. But this family is not only composed of seven members: 



…And ARMYs Are Part of It

We are not seven with you—as the boys themselves have acknowledged, BTS is more than just the seven artists. They have always made their fans part of their success and this intimate connection has resulted in what’s perhaps the most powerful fandom in the world. The boys genuinely adore their fans and it reflects in the things they do and songs they dedicate to ARMYs.


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*Featured image via BTS Official Facebook