Your 2021 Baguio Food Trip Guide And Itinerary

As travel regulations ease up in tourist destinations nationwide, it’s finally time to indulge in the much-needed getaway you’ve long been planning. With cool climes, pretty mountain views, and famous tourist spots, Baguio has all of the ingredients necessary for a fun-filled yet relaxing summer vacation. Plus, it’s known for a wide array of amazing dining spots, whether you’re seeking cozy cafés or date night options. If you’re planning a Baguio trip sometime soon, check out our quick guide below on the best cafés, restaurants, and attractions to visit in the City of Pines in 2021.



Early mornings in Baguio are tranquil and pleasant with few people out and about. Devout tourists can say a prayer or attend Mass at the Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral (Baguio Cathedral) in the morning, while fitness experts can go for a jog, bike, or boat ride at Burnham Park. Even a relaxing stroll outside is a great way to kick off the day before enjoying a hearty meal at our favorite breakfast spots in the city.



Café By The Ruins

Baguio Café By The Ruins
via Café by the Ruins

Among the current crop of restaurants in Baguio City, Café by the Ruins is among the most well-loved. Early risers can come in for a post-sunrise meal in this iconic café that’s known to highlight the freshest fruits and vegetables of the region. You can’t really go wrong with any of the menu options, but the bagnet is a crowd favorite. Vegetarian options are also available, as well as an extensive selection of drinks including hot chocolate, coffee, and tea.

Café by the Ruins
Address: 25 Shuntug Rd, Baguio
Opening Hours: 7AM to 8PM



Choco-late De Batirol

Baguio Choco-late De Batirol
via Choco-late de Batirol Facebook page

Another must-try breakfast spot in Baguio is Choco-late De Batirol. Located in Camp John Hay, this slow food haven serves a multitude of Filipino favorites, including all-day breakfast fares like bangus, tocino, and Vigan longganisa. And of course, the traditional chocolate de batirol is a must-try here and perfect during cool Baguio mornings.

Choco-late de Batirol
Address: Igorot Park, Camp John Hay, Baguio
Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday, 8AM to 6PM; Friday to Sunday, 8AM to 8PM




Catch a few sights before going out for lunch. This time of day is a great time to be out in nature, whether you prefer horseback riding at Wright Park or snapping Insta-worthy photos at Baguio Botanical Garden. Or you can check out one of the top cultural attractions in Baguio, the traditional Tam-awan Village that showcases the history, culture, arts, and way of life of the Cordillera people.


Farmer’s Daughter

Baguio Farmer’s Daughter
via Farmer’s Daughter Facebook page

Enjoy a spread of native Cordillera cuisine in the Farmer’s Daughter restaurant in Tam-awan Village. Meat lovers will appreciate the selection of meats on the menu, particularly the kinuday (smoked meat) that’s a staple in the region. Other than the beef, pork, or chicken kinuday, order a few additional dishes like the pinuneg (pork blood sausage). When in Baguio, it’s a must to try the region’s cuisine.

Farmer’s Daughter
Address: Tam-awan Village, Long Long Benguet Road, Baguio
Opening Hours: 9AM to 4:30PM



Lemon and Olives

Baguio Lemon and Olives
via Lemon and Olives Facebook page

Hankering for international flavors? Lemon and Olives in Baguio is the city’s first foray into rich Greek cuisine, serving classic Mediterranean dishes such as kebabs and souvlakis. Pasta dishes are also a great choice in this charming restaurant. Any tourist who wants to try something new and delicious in Baguio will fall in love with this authentic Greek restaurant.

Lemon and Olives
Address: 26 Outlook Drive, Baguio
Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday, 11AM to 7PM; Friday to Sunday, 11AM to 8PM



Good Taste

Baguio Good Taste
via Good Taste Delivery Facebook page

Famously open 24/7, Good Taste is a good stop at all hours of the day. Serving large portions of fan-favorite Filipino and Chinese dishes, Good Taste has become one of the most popular restaurants in the city. Tourists on a budget will be comfortable with the affordable prices of delicious dishes, including the best-selling buttered chicken.

Good Taste
Address: Otek Street, Baguio
Opening Hours: 24/7



Snacks and Coffee

There are plenty of post-lunch activities to enjoy in Baguio City. Head to Camp John Hay for nonstop fun in nature, particularly at the Baguio Tree Top Adventure for ziplining, free fall, and trekking. Prefer the arts to the outdoors? Visit BenCab Museum to admire the works of National Artist Benedicto Reyes Cabrera and other renowned Filipino artists.


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Café Sabel at BenCab Museum

Baguio Café Sabel at BenCab Museum
via BenCab Museum Facebook page

If you need a break from browsing the beautiful works of art on display in BenCab Museum, take some time to rest and relax in the equally beautiful Café Sabel. The in-house café and restaurant serves hot and cold drinks, as well as a colorful array of healthy dishes using ingredients from their own organic farm.

Café Sabel
Address: BenCab Museum, Km 6. Asin Road, Baguio
Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 9AM to 6PM



Hatch Coffee

Baguio Hatch Coffee
via Hatch Coffee Facebook page

With the cool mountain climate of Baguio, it’s not surprising that the city has an impressive range of cafés that travelers can choose from. Among our favorites is Hatch Coffee, a third-wave coffee shop tucked in a lush garden away from the metro’s daily bustle. Sample the best-selling Easter Sandwich with its mouthwatering Baguio longganisa, which is best paired with the crowd favorite: Dirty Hatchata.

Hatch Coffee
Address: 135 Easter Road corner Road 1 Manzanillo, Baguio
Opening Hours: Monday to Wednesday, 10AM to 5PM; Thursday to Sunday, 10AM to 7PM




Even as the day winds down, the city of Baguio remains a lively destination with plenty of evening hotspots to enjoy. Before the night falls, ghost hunters can drop by the Old Diplomat Hotel, which is hailed as one of the most haunted places in the Philippines. The popular Mines View Park is also a great spot for sunsets with stunning views of mountain vistas. And if you’re still wide awake after dinner, go bargain hunting at Baguio Night Market or delight over the vibrant nightlife along Session Road.


Hill Station

Baguio Hill Station
via Hill Station Facebook page

Treat yourself to dinner at the renowned restaurant Hill Station. The fine dining establishment serves impeccably prepared Asian fusion dishes inspired by European and American flavors. The cozy dining spot is one of the top restaurants in Baguio for date nights with its tranquil ambiance and five-star dishes.  And if Hill Station is a bit too intimidating to you (or your wallet), try the more budget-friendly Bistro by Hill Station at Camp John Hay.

Hill Station
Address: Casa Vallejo, Upper Session Road, Baguio
Opening Hours: 8AM to 9PM



Oh My Gulay

Baguio Oh My Gulay
via Oh My Gulay Facebook page

Vegans and vegetarians find a veggie haven in Oh My Gulay, a charming restaurant serving fresh, flavorful vegan and vegetarian meals that appeal to non-meat eaters and meat eaters alike. But more than just a restaurant, Oh My Gulay is also a permanent art space designed as an indoor tropical garden showcasing the dazzling works of Filipino contemporary artist Victor Oteyza.

Oh My Gulay
Address: 5/F, La Azotea Building, Session Road, Baguio
Opening Hours: Wednesday to Monday, 10AM to 6PM



Got any other great foodie picks from Baguio? There are boundless dining opportunities in the Summer Capital of the Philippines—for sure, it’ll take multiple trips up the mountain to try them all. Baguio is also home to a wide variety of tourist attractions. If you’re eager to experience the top must-visit spots, join a Baguio City Tour and make sure you don’t miss any of the city landmarks.

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*Featured via BenCab Museum, Farmer’s Daughter, and Lemon and Olives Facebook pages