5 Best Gifts You Can Give To Your Favorite K-Pop Idols

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Nothing is impossible when you’re a K-pop fan! These fans are some of the most creative in showcasing their support for their favorite idols. From sending a coffee truck to organizing an event, they also express their love through expensive gifts and handwritten letters. However, some entertainment companies are not accepting any kind of gifts like luxury goods anymore.

Gifts can be simple or expensive, but it’s the appreciation and the efforts that really count. In need of ideas to show your love? Check our list of gifts you can give to your favorite K-pop idols!



Organize A Cup Sleeve Event

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Since we are not in South Korea to join in the celebration, why don’t we organize our own? A cup sleeve event is where fans gather to celebrate the anniversary of a K-pop group, a member’s birthday, or an achievement made by the group. The venue is often decorated with official merchandise, large posters, and balloons. Fans need to buy a drink in exchange for a cup sleeve and freebies. This kind of event is also a great way for fans to connect and build friendships with people who have the same interests.

In the new normal, fans also arrange cup sleeve events virtually and have fellow fans order their drinks, which will be delivered right to their doorstep!



Send a Coffee Truck

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Coffee trucks are already a big trend in Korean filming sets, fans send snacks and fresh cups of coffee to energize the staff and encourage their idols. They do this to show their support for the whole crew that is working hard to successfully finish a drama or movie. These trucks can also be customized with tarp displays, personalized messages, and photos of the idols or actors covered on them.



Post A Birthday Ad In Subway Stations

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If you have ever been to Seoul, you might have noticed the ad panels along the walkways of subway stations. Most of these are rented out to put up ads for celebrating a birthday or anniversary of an idol’s debut. If you’re lucky, some celebs show up in front of the ads and take selfies to show their recognition. Idol subway advertisements are commonly placed at popular stations along line 2, including Gangnam, Samsung, Hongdae, and Hapjeong station. Myeongdong Station and Hongik University Station are popular locations too.

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Set Up A Donation Drive

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Volunteer work comes in many forms and is something everyone can participate in! Fans have shown that their passion and interest can be directed to charitable causes, proving that they can both be fans and responsible citizens. They have also taken the extra mile after their idols took the lead in giving back to those in need. Aside from volunteer work, fans also donate money to various organizations under the name of their favorite idols.



Trend A Hashtag In Twitter

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I bet you’ve already seen K-pop fans take over Twitter trends. They are known for trending hashtags globally, whether it’s to celebrate an idol’s birthday or an album release. At midnight, fans will use the hashtags to share their messages, favorite photos, and memories of their idols. This is one of the easiest gifts out there that you can give to your idols aside from the unending love and support!



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*Featured image via Hannah Viray & Andy Flores