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Best Places To Enjoy a Steaming Bowl of Pancit Lomi in Batangas

Sights, sea, and sounds aside, our childhood memories of Batangas are of the food. The barako coffee that keeps you up all night. The hearty beef bulalo soup served in roadside family restaurants. The disks of sweet, nutty panutsa. But if there is a Batagueño staple that goes underappreciated, it’s pancit lomi.

For those less familiar with Batangas flavors, pancit lomi or lomi is a Chinese-influenced noodle soup with thick egg noodles resembling Japanese udon. Lomi is rich, hearty, and generously topped with pork and pork byproducts. Locals recommend mixing soy sauce, citrus calamansi, and bird’s eye chili and then adding a bit of this concoction to every spoonful of soup. Additionally, lomi must be eaten while it’s piping hot, or it will lose its almost gelatinous consistency.

The best place to enjoy a steaming bowl of lomi is at a streetside lomi house. If you’re driving to Batangas on a day trip or for a weekend escape, then stop at one of these five lomi restaurants. Each lomi house on our random list is highly recommended by residents, travelers, and culinary guides.



Corcolon Lomi House

Corcolon Lomi House best pancit Lomi in Batangas
via Corcolon Lomi House on Instagram

Good things come in small packages, and Corcolon Lomi House is a prime example. This roadside stop attracts locals as well as travelers, with cars parked hundreds of meters away. Corcolon’s lomi comes in various flavors. However, large groups looking for lomi that is big on taste may want to boldly try the 990-PHP panalong combo giant (winning giant combo) overflowing with lechon (suckling pig), sisig, liempo (pork belly), chicharon bulaklak (flower cracklings), and other savory delights.

Corcolon Lomi House is in Pinagtung-Ulan, San Jose, Batangas. It is open daily from 6:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. For details, call +63 995 642 1584.



Kina Imus Lomi House

via Kina Imus Lomi House on Facebook

Unlike more traditional lomi houses on our list, Kina Imus takes the egg noodle soup to a new level. At this establishment, lomi goes to extremes with innovative add-ons like prawn crackers and siomai (Chinese pork dumplings). For only 60 PHP, a bowl of special overload lomi comes with liver, boiled egg, kikiam (Chinese-style sausage), and pork cracklings.

Kina Imus Lomi House recently moved to a new location alongside Buffalo Soldier’s in Sitio Aroma, Butong, Taal, Batangas. Dine-in is unavailable on Mondays. For details, call +63 929 673 5525.



Liam’s Lomi House

via Liam’s Lomi House on Facebook

Liam’s Lomi House serves locally acclaimed variations of the dish, including their bestselling lechon lomi. It’s the priciest item on the lomi menu for 90 PHP a bowl, but the modern take on pancit lomi is worth trying. First-timers to Liam’s describe the lechon lomi as flavorful but not salty, thanks to the generous amounts of pepper and lechon kawali (crispy pork belly).

Liam’s Lomi House is in Receno’s Compound, General Luna Street, Sabang, Lipa City, Batangas. It is open daily from 6:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. For details, call +63 43 756 5743 or +63 917 208 9535.



Lomi King

via Lomi King on Instagram

If you are looking for lomi in the heart of Batangas, then Gary To’s Lomi King is as authentic as it gets. Established by the eldest son of lomi pioneer, To Kim Eng, Lomi King boasts a culinary pedigree. Visitors to this well-known casual restaurant describe the soup as phenomenal, undeniably delicious, and so thick that it’s almost like a stew.

Lomi King is along President J.P. Laurel Highway and is less than five minutes away from the De La Salle Lipa campus. The lomi house is open daily from 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. For details, call +63 43 784 2741 or +63 920 566 4812.



Sizzling Lomi House

via Sizzling Lomi House

One of the newer players on our list is Sizzling Lomi House. This casual hangout promises good flavor, a clean atmosphere, and value for money. True to its name, what makes this place unique is that they serve lomi on a sizzling cast-iron platter. The hot plate reduces the viscous soup, providing diners with a richer flavor.

Sizzling Lomi House is along President J.P. Laurel Highway near Pilipinas Kyohritsu, Inc. and beside Lipa Royale. For details, call +63 43 701 1219 or +63 908 596 9746.



Which of these five lomi houses have you tried? Did we miss one of your favorites? Which one will you try next? While in the southern countryside, explore highland Tagaytay and Lemery in Batangas with a private tour from Manila for 2,860 PHP. Book this road trip today on KKday.



*Featured image via Kina Imus on Facebook