Visit Your Favorite K-Drama Filming Locations Through These Virtual Tours!

Traveling is more fun when you combine it with your interest. And, if you’re a K-drama fan, there’s no doubt that you’ve been planning a trip to visit your favorite K-drama filming locations in the Land of the Morning Calm.  After all, what could be better than being in the actual spot and recalling scenes that your favorite Oppa was in?

But since it’s still difficult to travel abroad at the moment, why not satisfy your wanderlust in the comfort of your home? Here are 9 K-drama filming locations you can visit through these virtual tours in South Korea!



Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo – E-World, Daegu

via MBC

E-World is where Bok Joo and Joon Hyung went on their date with friends and held hands for the first time! It is located near the 83-Tower, a 2-hour train trip from Seoul. The park features numerous rides suitable for all ages, light displays, and a variety of Korean delicacies!

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Goblin – Jumunjin Beach, Gangneung

via tvN

The iconic scene where Ji Eun Tak first summoned Kim Shin was filmed at Jumunjin Beach in Gangneung. Since then, fans have been going here to visit and recreate that scene where Eun Tak was wearing a red scarf and buckwheat flowers in hand. Just two hours away from Seoul, Gangwon province is a great place for a quick road trip out of the bustling city.

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Fight For My Way – Hocheon Village, Busan

via KBS2

Hocheon Village is located in Beoncheong-dong where the main characters of the drama ‘Fight For My Way’ lived. It overlooks the Busan Port and is a popular destination for tourists. In the drama, the main leads would get together at ‘Namil’ bar as their secret place to escape. The apartment building and the private rooftop bar are both located in Busan.

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Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol – The Marine Cable Car, Mokpo

via KBS2

Imagine sharing your first kiss up in the sky? How romantic! After Jun confessed his feelings for Lala, they shared a romantic kiss in a cable car. The scenery outside the cable car was filmed at Mokpo Marine Cable Car where it offers an amazing view of Mokpo. The cable car is said to be the longest in South Korea at 3.23km!

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Moonlight Drawn by Clouds – Jeonju Hyanggyo, Jeonju

via KBS2

Take a peaceful stroll at this historic place balanced with nature. Jeonju Hyanggyo was originally used as a national education center during the Joseon Dynasty. You can feel like you’re in a period drama just by walking through here!

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Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth – Shilla Millennium Park, Gyeongju

via KBS2

Shilla Millennium Park served as a set for Hwarang’s training ground in the drama. This park gives tourists a peek of life during the Shilla period and invites them to participate in the Craft Clinic. Gyeongju is often used as a filming location because of its beautiful and historical buildings.

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Once Again – Hwaseong Fortress, Suwon

via KBS2

Song Na Hee and Yoon Kyu Jin often come here for an intimate evening walk to talk things out with each other. The fortress was constructed to protect the city and was declared a World Heritage on December 12, 1997.

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Hotel Del Luna – Samdocheon Tunnel, Jecheon

via tvN

Remember the “To Heaven Tunnel?” Samdocheon Tunnel is the filming location that connects us to the underworld in the drama. Hotel Del Luna is a place where the dead stay before being guided to the final resting place—a long bridge to the afterlife.

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Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo – Baekje Cultural Land, Chungcheong

via SBS

The final scene that left fans crying was filmed at the Baekje Cultural Land. It is a historical set built to preserve the history and culture of the Baekje Kingdom (18BC – 660AD). Composed of several villages, the construction of the Baekje Cultural Land took 17 years to finish.

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*Featured image via tvN, MBC