7 K-Drama Adaptations of Famous Western TV Shows And Movies

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Why choose between your favorite American TV series and Korean dramas when you can have the best of both worlds? America has been inspired by the Korean wave, adapting shows such as The Masked Singer and Train To Busan. South Korea on the other hand had also been remaking some of the famous western TV shows and movies in recent years.

Korean dramas are short, comparably chaste, and easier to binge-watch because they can run anywhere between just 16 to 25 episodes! Here are seven Korean drama adaptations of famous western TV shows and movies that you should definitely check out!



The World Of The Married

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‘The World Of The Married’ tells the story of a successful doctor who seems to have a perfect life, with her husband’s affair slowly becoming her downfall. Based on BBC’s Doctor Foster, this drama tackles failed relationships and betrayal—everything married couples try to avoid. This psychological thriller became a huge hit in South Korea because of the realistic depictions of marriage and friendship.



Romance Is A Bonus Book

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Based on the hit U.S. TV series Younger, ‘Romance is a Bonus Book’ is all about life’s second chances. Cha Eun Ho is a gifted writer and the youngest chief editor at a book publishing company. Kang Dan Yi is a former copywriter desperately looking for a job. This drama has a heartwarming story that you can always enjoy on any day. It will remind you that it’s never too late to start again—in life and love.



Designated Survivor: 60 Days

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Following a similar plot as the original, a man with no political ambition needs to serve as the new President for sixty days. Park Mu Jin now holds the highest-ranking government position after an explosion at the National Assembly. He must deal with the military, the US, and Japan from bombing North Korea and starting World War III.



18 Again

18 Again JTBC
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Based on Zac Efron’s 17 Again, a man and woman in their late 30s are on the verge of getting a divorce after twenty years of marriage. But by a twist of fate, Hong Dae Young transforms back into his 18-year-old body and decides to live his life better than he did in the past.





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The Korean adaptation of Suits is a remake of the popular American TV series of the same title, which premiered in June 2011 on cable network USA. It tells the story of a corporate attorney at a prestigious firm who took a risk on a genius college dropout to help on high-risk cases.



Criminal Minds

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tvN remade CBS’ Criminal Minds based on its third season. The story revolves around a talented crime scene investigator together with National Criminal Investigation (NCI) team who track down criminals by studying their behaviors and profiling them.



Less Than Evil

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Less Than Evil is the Korean remake of the BBC series ‘Luther’. The psychological crime thriller follows a ruthless detective who is lonely and violent in his ways hence treads the line between good and evil.



What American TV shows would you like to be remade in Korea next? Let us know in the comments!



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*Featured image via KBS2 & JTBC