7 K-Drama Characters Who Are Serving Major Girl Crush Vibes

Gone are the days when TV shows are steered by rich and handsome male leads. Nowadays, we see a lot of South Korean dramas with feisty women who shine more brightly than others. We celebrate them here by listing down our favorite K-drama female leads who have stolen the hearts of many, men and women alike. You’re sure to get girl crush vibes with these characters. Watch them in their respective K-dramas as you practice your Korean language skills! 



Seo Yi-kyeong – Sweet Home (Lee Si-young)

An incredible K-drama adaptation of a webtoon, Sweet Home has quite a lot of badass female characters but Seo Yi-kyeong stands out from the lot. Seo Yi-kyeong is a firewoman with amazing fighting and acrobatic skills, which came with a jaw-dropping sculpted body (credit to the actress Lee Si-young, of course!). Amid a monster-stricken world, she’s quiet and composed and her actions do most of the talking. 



Seo Dan-ah – Run On (Sooyoung)

As the secondary lead (with her own love interest), Seo Dan-ah stole the show at her every appearance. She’s a fierce, go-getting agency CEO with a soft and adorable side that we’re totally crushing on. We love her for her grit, but also for her character development as she slowly breaks through her wall. 



Yoo Hye-jung – Doctors (Park Shin-hye)

While Doctors itself is a must-watch for fans of medical drama, the strong female lead is surely its huge selling point. What didn’t kill Yoo Hye-jung from her traumatic past made her stronger—physically, as she can literally karate-chop bullies in her way. But also, she shows a lot of growth mentally and emotionally. We really adore a smart female doctor with kick-ass gangster power.



Kim Bok-joo – Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (Lee Sung Kyung)

Kim Bok-joo is proof that taking on male-dominated activities like weightlifting does not make you less feminine or pretty. It’s the same as saying you can be a man and wear pink. Kim bok-joo is our girl crush for being strong and sweet; she’s a role model of self-discovery and acceptance.



Oh Dong-baek – When the Camellia Blooms (Gong Hyo-jin)

Strength doesn’t always show through physical abilities. In the case of Oh Dong-baek, her strength is her kindness, which proved to be an effective weapon against the local community that has stigmatized her as a single mother. 



Seo-bi – Kingdom (Bae Doona)

Amid the tumultuous zombie-infested times of the Joseon era in Kingdom, Seo-bi proves that you don’t have to be a queen or sword-wielding warrior to exude strength—and strong girl crush vibes! We love her for her dedication as a physician who bravely confronts zombies to get her herbs and needs no knight in shining armor.



Cha Hyun / Scarlett – Search: WWW (Lee Da-hee)

The leading ladies of Search: WWW are the ultimate girl crush in the 21st century. Among them, Cha Hyun is our favorite for her radiant and authentic personality. She’s a downright gorgeous girl boss who’s not afraid to speak out even if it contradicts others. But her love line also reveals that she’s not too far out of reach, and she’s not afraid to like someone who’s, let’s just say, unconventional for her type. 



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*Featured image via Netflix