Celebrate Lunar New Year With These Yummy Platter Sets (Free Delivery Included)!

With the Lunar New Year fast approaching, it’s time to start planning for the party! For many Singaporeans, the holiday presents the biggest and most elaborate meal of the year with family, relatives, and even friends coming together to celebrate. If you’re throwing a party for the occasion and you’re still wondering what to serve your guests, why not order in? There are plenty of amazing restaurants in Singapore with delivery services of a variety of dishes in large quantities. Make sure you’re throwing a Chinese New Year feast that everyone can enjoy with our favorite halal-certified and vegetarian party sets you’ll be proud to serve at your next get-together.


Treasure Pot Pen Cai Set (BellyGood by TungLok Group)

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One of the traditional Cantonese dishes to serve during festivals is pen cai, which is basically every luxurious ingredient you can think of piled into a large pot for everyone to share. Typical ingredients in a pen cai include abalone, prawns, scallops, roast pork, and other delicious seafood.

BellyGood’s version of this local favorite is dubbed the Treasure Pot Pen Cai. It’s large enough to feed eight people with a colorful and abundant array of grit such as a 10-head abalone, smoked duck, herbal chicken, and a whole lot more. Guests can pick their favorite from this bountiful one-pot dish—a perfect entrée to ring in a bountiful new year!

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Huat A Feast Seafood Prosperity Bag (BellyGood by TungLok Group)

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Among BellyGood’s wide range of halal-certified dishes is the “Huat A Feast” seafood prosperity bag.

Satisfy your cravings with a delicious seafood boil of tasty ingredients like tiger prawns, mini abalone, black mussels, and more. Add to the flavors with your pick of two sauce choices, “Kim Kim” golden salted egg sauce or “Ang Gong Gong” chilli crab sauce. Every order is prepared an hour before the scheduled delivery time, so you ensure you’re serving a fresh and steaming bowl for the party. This seafood dish can serve four to six guests.

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Vegetarian Party Set (BellyGood by TungLok Group)

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Put together a Chinese New Year feast that everyone can enjoy, no matter their diet. These days, halal-certified and vegetarian-friendly cuisine in Singapore is more readily available.

The vegetarian party set by BellyGood provides a full meal for up to eight people, from appetizers to whet your palate to sweet desserts. Enjoy classic flavors in meat-free variants, such as meatless lotus leaf buns, stir-fried mock seafood with broccoli, and kung pao meatless chunk with cashew nuts—definitely a mouthwatering feast, whether you’re vegetarian or not!

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Fortune Party Set (BellyGood by TungLok Group)

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When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with classic Singaporean dishes.

Serving up to eight people, the Fortune Party Set includes an array of local favorites that are always a hit at any party. Impress your family members with a delectable spread of high-quality steamed, baked, and fried dishes by BellyGood. Some highlights include the prosperity “Yu Sheng” with smoked salmon, steamed black truffle herbal chicken with goji berries and angelica, and oven-baked barramundi in lychee sweet and sour sauce.

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