10 Reasons To Visit Boracay In the New Normal

When you’re setting your travel goals for the New Normal, what do you want? If it’s an idyllic coast and lazy days by the shore you’re longing for, then Boracay is the perfect place for your next vacation. Travel may be a bit more complicated in these post-quarantine days, but there are still plenty of reasons to go on a sun-kissed Boracay escape.


1. White Beach

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If you miss going to the beach, then Boracay is probably near the top of your bucket list getaways for post-pandemic travel. The pristine White Beach is famous for being a postcard-perfect beach destination with powder-fine white sand, dazzling crystalline waters, and swaying palm trees in the background. When you’re ready to see more of the island, go on a half-day tour of the best beaches in Boracay and gain an even deeper appreciation of the island.



2. Less Crowded Tourist Attractions

Due to the pandemic, a lot of places in the Philippines and abroad are enforcing a strict limit on foot traffic in tourist attractions. If you’re not one for the crowds, this is probably the time to treat yourself to a trip to Boracay.



3. Thrilling Water Sports

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Leave it to Boracay to be a haven for water sports, too. While known for its calm and kid-friendly waters, Boracay also offers a good chunk of exciting activities for thrill-seeking travelers. Banana boats, parasailing, and paddleboarding are tourist favorites in Boracay, but if you’re ready for a more adrenaline-pumping experience, sail to Ariel’s Point for cliff jumping. Wakeboarding is also gaining popularity as a sport in Boracay.



4. Amazing Food By The Beach

There’s nothing that entices the appetite more than the sea breeze, a full day of beachy activities, and a delicious spread of fresh seafood. One of the more underrated aspects of Boracay is its myriad of culinary delights. From affordable meals on-the-go to upscale dining opportunities, the island offers endless options for every kind of traveler. Hungry after splashing around the beach? Indulge in a delicious dinner at one of the best buffet spots in Boracay.

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5. Ultimate Spa Destination

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For some travelers, a vacation means total relaxation—and is there a better place to achieve this than a spa set on a tropical paradise? Boracay is home to an impressive collection of spa resorts set against picture-perfect shores and lush gardens, such as the award-winning Mandala Spa & Resort Villas. Find your calm on the island with a spa treatment in between extravagant buffets and sunbathing sessions at the beach.



6. Staycations

In these days of social distancing and quarantine, staycations reign supreme. But you don’t have to be stuck at home to enjoy the peace of a staycation. With stunning beachfront locations, exceptional service, and spacious luxury suites, plenty of the top Boracay hotels are ready to give you an unforgettable staycation experience on the island.



7. Breathtaking Sunsets

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Anyone who’s ever visited Boracay knows that sunsets at the island are insanely gorgeous. At the end of the day, travelers head to the shore to watch the sky explode into a mix of deep gemstone hues of fiery yellow, orange, and red against a backdrop of rich purple. For many people, it’s the best way to end the day on the island.

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8. The Perfect Getaway For A Special Occasion

Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, birthday, or even a proposal, beautiful Boracay is a memorable setting for a special occasion. The island has everything you need for a proper celebration, including fancy restaurants, fire dancers, and an unbeatable view that’s definitely Instagram-worthy.

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9. Being Cooked Alive In A Kawa Hot Bath

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Getting cooked alive may not sound like fun, but in Aklan, it’s another indulgent spa experience. Just a few hours from Boracay is the town of Tibiao where travelers climb into huge cauldrons (kawa) for a hot, soothing soak. While tourists can head to Tibiao on their own, booking an all-inclusive day tour from Boracay is often more convenient.

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10. Get To Know Local Culture

It can be easy to overlook local heritage in Boracay, but if you’re interested in getting to know the people and their traditions, the Motag Living Museum is a must-visit. Found 30 minutes from Boracay, the interactive cultural museum pays tribute to the Malayanon way of life, from grass weaving and rice growing to local cuisine and folk music.

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Here’s What You Need To Know When Traveling To Boracay

Who is allowed to go to Boracay? Domestic tourists of all ages.

Does Boracay require a COVID-19 test? Yes, a negative RT-PCR test result is one of the travel requirements for visiting Boracay. It must be taken within 72 hours before your date of travel.

What are the requirements for traveling to Boracay? Besides the negative COVID-19 test, other requirements include a screenshot of the online Health Declaration Card, a copy of confirmed booking slip/form, roundtrip flight/travel details, and proof of identification with Philippine Residency. Send everything (including the RT-PCR results) to and wait for your Tourist QR Code, which will be used throughout Boracay.

Visit the official Aklan website for more information.



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*Featured photo by R.M. Nunes via Shutterstock