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Extend Prosperity To Your Loved Ones This Chinese New Year With These Treats

Mark your calendars! This 2021, Chinese New Year falls on Friday, February 12, beginning the Year of the Metal Ox. Predictions are out for people born in the Year of the Ox (1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021) and for other signs. But no matter what the stars say about your fortune for the next 365 days, there’s always a way to get luck into your and to your loved ones’ favor. This is by practicing the CNY ritual of chowing down on festive treats and giving gifts to your family. So, as you prepare to make the Year of the Metal Ox your best one yet, we’re listing down treats you have to share with your loved ones to extend prosperity this Chinese New Year.




Lucky cookies (Photo: KKDay Supplier)

In modern China, the number ‘8’ is associated with wealth. ‘Eight’ in Chinese is pronounced ‘ba’ and sounds similar to ‘fa,’ meaning “well-off” or “getting rich in a short time.” This is why ‘8’ is said to invite great wealth. And what way can we invite great wealth by savouring cookies with an 8-shaped twist? Renowned Taiwanese brand June 1st delights with their patented figure 8-shaped cookies with original, sesame, and chocolate egg roll flavors.

Indulge in original, sesame, and chocolate egg roll cookies from the premiere June 1st brand (Photo: KKDay Supplier)
June 1st’s Lunar New Year Egg Roll Cookie Gift Box (Photo: KKDay Supplier)

Make sure to order this special June 1st Lunar New Year Egg Roll Cookie Gift Box, and receive it in time for the holiday to share this special treat with your loved ones.

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Try one of the tastiest cakes in Taiwan (Photo: KKDay Supplier)

A staple during Lunar New Year (among other occasions), Chinese Gold Ingot Pineapple Cakes are tasty, mouth-watering delights from the famous Taiwanese confectionary Shou Xin Fang. In Taiwanese culture, pineapple cakes are regarded as the King of Desserts, and are said to symbolize wealth and even the island itself–making Shou Xin Fang’s pineapple cakes irresistible in the Year of the Metal Ox. These cakes are ovo-lacto vegetarian — perfect for a guilt-free holiday snack.

Shou Xin Fang’s Lunar New Year Gift Box (Photo: KKDay Supplier)

Shou Xin Fang presents their Lunar New Year Gift Box. Indulge every bite of their famous pineapple cakes at the comfort of your home. Take advantage of package options that allow you to order to your desired country and accommodation.

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SunnyHill’s popular pineapple cakes (Photo: KKDay Supplier)

Known around the world, SunnyHill’s farm-to-bakery pastries never fail to compliment Chinese New Year and other holidays. Made with Cayenne pineapples locally sourced in Taiwan, their iconic pineapple cakes are famous for their mesmerizing tart flavor and delectable crust. With a unique presentation, these brick-shaped cakes will delight you with their balance of tangy and sweet.

SunnyHill’s unique presentation to delight your Lunar New Year celebrations (Photo: KKDay Supplier)
SunnyHill’s luxurious Lunar New Year Gift Box (Photo: KKDay Supplier)

Take advantage of KKDay’s delivery options and delight in this treat from SunnyHills.

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Sugar & Spice’s yummy French nougats (Photo: KKDay Supplier)

Voted as one of Taiwan’s Must-Eat Snacks, Sugar & Spice’s French Nougat is made with natural butter sourced from France and almonds from the United States, and does not contain any additives nor preservatives. Baked to perfection, these nougats are tender but chewy, and the almonds provide a crispy balance that will surely satisfy your Chinese New Year craving.

Sugar & Spice offers a gift set that includes French nougat, almond cookies (1 bag), almond stick (1 piece) and Chinese Pineapple cakes (6 pieces)

The R107 Gift Set includes an Almond Stick, Almond Cookies, and Pineapple Cakes for the whole family (Photo: KKDay Supplier)
Almond sticks (Photo: KKDay Supplier)
Almond cookies (Photo: KKDay Supplier)

Have these milky delights delivered to your preferred location.

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Get ready for this mouth-watering Taiwanese favorite. Every egg roll is handmade with quality ingredients, many sourced from Taiwanese local farmers, in addition to New Zealand cream. (Photo: KKDay Supplier)

Bring the sweetmeat brand HiWalk’s celebrated egg rolls to your home! The favorite Peanut Egg Rolls, along with Sesame Egg Rolls and Honey Egg Rolls, are among Taiwan’s best snacks. They have a crunchy exterior with fillings that melt in your mouth, making sure your loved ones’ taste buds are satisfied this Chinese New Year.

Get these confections ready in time for your CNY party (Photo: KKDay Supplier)
Get the special HiWalk Lunar New Year gift box (Photo: KKDay Supplier)

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*Featured image via KKday Supplier