5 Best Experiences To Try When In Klang

The Royal Town of Klang is home to numerous attractions and mouthwatering local eats. It’s the perfect place for an enjoyable day trip with your family and friends. With historical and cultural sites, countless shops, and great restaurants, Klang has a lot to offer. So, take a trip to this royal town on your day off and explore the hidden gems brimming with rich heritage and culture.

Here are 5 awesome things you can do in Klang:



Explore Historic Buildings

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Walk around Klang and explore its historical sites. Start off at Gedung Abdullah. Built in the 1850s, this two-storey building is probably one of the oldest surviving buildings in Klang. It was originally used as a warehouse by Raja Abdullah who is said to have lived upstairs with his family while the ground floor was used to store tin ores. Admire the Anglo-Indian design of the building as you walk by.

From there, walk over to The Sultan Abdul Aziz Royal Gallery. Housed in a colonial building built in 1909, this gallery highlights the rich history and heritage of the Selangor Sultanate. Marvel at the Royal Collections displayed in the gallery and learn more about the life and legacy of Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, the former Sultan of Selangor and King of Malaysia. Later, explore the surrounding shophouses and indulge in some shopping therapy.

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Visit the Mah Meri Cultural Village

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Head over to Carey Island, located to the south of Port Klang, and visit the Mah Meri Cultural Village. Meet the Mah Meri indigenous people and learn about their culture. Discover the local origami art form and learn to use blowpipes. Try on their traditional attire and take photographs with the locals. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn and appreciate the rich cultural heritage of the Malaysian indigenous people.

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Participate in a DIY bak kut teh class

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Bak kut teh, a herbal soup dish made with pork and Chinese herbs, is a delicacy Klang is famous for. Participate in a DIY bak kut teh class and try your hand at making this flavourful dish! Learn how to prep and cook this local delight with the guidance of an expert chef. And of course, you’ll get to enjoy a yummy bak kut teh lunch (made by you!).

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Do some shopping and explore Indian food at Little India

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Explore the shops in Little India that sell a wide variety of things such as fabrics, gems, jewels, and spices. Do some window shopping and maybe even buy some bright and vibrant Indian clothes to jazz up your wardrobe! Gals can try on stylish kurti tops and guys can check out short jippa tops. Both can be paired with a classic pair of jeans.

Visit a henna artist to have some beautiful henna designs drawn on your hands. Of course, no trip to Little India is complete without a banana leaf meal. Stop by one of the many restaurants here and enjoy a wonderful meal of rice, curry, vegetables, and other dishes of your choice.

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Visit beautiful temples and marvel at their unique architecture

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Klang is home to a number of beautiful temples including the Sri Sunderaraja Perumal Temple, also known as Klang Perumal Temple. Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, this Hindu temple is over 100 years old. Marvel at the temple’s grand and ornate gopuram (monumental entrance tower). Enter the temple and admire the beautiful carvings and statues that surround you. Sit down and enjoy the peaceful environment in the temple grounds. Click here for the Google Maps location.

The colourful and majestic Kuan Yin Temple is also located in Klang. Marvel at the beautiful ornaments and stone carvings that lie within this stunning Buddhist temple. Stand at the vast courtyard and look up in awe at the temple and its intricate Chinese architecture. Admire the statues of Kuan Yin, Goddess of Mercy, before making your way to the serene garden. Click here for the Google Maps location.



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