You Can Now Visit Thailand’s Four-Faced Buddha Through This Virtual Tour!

Millions of devotees and spiritual tourists visit the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok, Thailand every year. And not everyone you see flocked around the shrine is there to ask for blessings. Some have already been blessed and are simply returning to give thanks. The golden Brahma god statue housed in the shrine, more prominently known as the four-faced Buddha, is believed to be powerful and effective in answering prayers.

If you need grace for the new year, you don’t have to go through the hassle of flying to Thailand during these tough times. You can go on a virtual tour of the Erawan Shrine, complete with offerings in your name, right in the comfort of your own home. 

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The four-faced Buddha, also known as Phra Phrom or Than Tao Mahaprom, is always surrounded by various kinds of offerings, from flowers, fruits, and incense to wooden elephants and even ritual dancers. Normally, you can avail of these offerings from vendors right around the shrine. But for the virtual tour, you can select from a number of package offerings. 

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And then, for wish-making, indicate your wishes and prayers as specifically as you can. Aside from four faces, the Buddha also has eight arms, with each face and arm symbolizing different aspects of life. Work, love, family, wealth, health—you can pray for practically anything. The four-faced Buddha is said to grant your wishes more easily if they’re detailed and time-specific, and if you make a unique vow to repay the favor.

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After the arrangements are set, you can take part in the actual worship and offering through a live or recorded video tour. 

If your wish comes true, you can also take the virtual tour for vow redemption. You just have to specify how you’d like to offer your gratitude to the four-faced Buddha.

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