Treat Yourself And Your Loved Ones To Bee Cheng Hiang’s Famous Bakkwa This CNY!

It’s hard to imagine a household without bakkwa on the table during Chinese New Year celebrations in Singapore. Given its popularity as a lucky food—besides being just outright delicious—many stores are swamped by people wanting to get their hands on bakkwa at this time of the year. However, you can avoid the long queues by having Bee Cheng Hiang’s bakkwa delivered straight to your home. And with an added surprise!

If you’ve been celebrating Chinese New Year every year, then bakkwa is no stranger to you. These thin slices of dried meat, similar to jerky, are especially popular during this time because of their auspicious red color. It also adds to bakkwa’s appeal that it is delicious (smoky and savory) and can be served in many ways. 


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When it comes to the best bakkwa to jumpstart the new year, there’s no better place for it than Bee Cheng Hiang. The brand is a well-loved source of bakkwa. Its history can be traced back to 1933 when it was still a modest market stall. Bee Cheng Hiang prides itself on hand-crafted bakkwa that’s 100% natural and preservative-free. Every slice of bakkwa is made fresh daily so you can savor the freshness in every bite. 


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This Chinese New Year, you can skip the lines and also be rewarded by doing so. You can choose to have your Bee Cheng Hiang sliced pork or minced pork bakkwa delivered by the god of wealth himself, Caishen. He will not only bring fresh bakkwa but also come bearing good fortune for a bountiful new year. You will also have five to 10 minutes of fun and interaction with Caishen so you can fully soak up the positive aura. 


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Don’t tell your family about the delivery and surprise them with the appearance of Caishen at your doorstep!

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