Join Taiwan’s Lantern Festival From The Comfort Of Your Home!

Taiwan‘s Lantern Festival held annually in the Pingxi District is one of the most sought-after Chinese New Year celebrations in the world. Besides being a spectacle to the eyes, the paper lanterns serve as the courier of wishes to get sent directly to the heavens during the most auspicious time of the year. No need to wait in vain for shooting stars!

Considering that international travel is hard these days, you’d be glad to know that you can still see your wishes take off without taking a flight to Taiwan with this Pingxi Eco-Friendly Sky Lantern Virtual Tour. 


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The virtual tour lets you specify your wishes, which will be written for you on your own eco-friendly paper lantern in Pingxi. And then, when the time comes for the sky lantern releasing event, you’ll get to watch it take flight together with thousands of others in real-time. It would be such a magical sight to see even from your home. Tip: turn off or dim the lights in your room so you can fully immerse yourself in the experience!


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Take note that this sky lantern festival is eco-friendly. That means the paper lanterns have specifically been made to burn completely in the sky without returning any waste to the ground. Not only that but you will also help plant a tree for every sky lantern you buy. This is a recent effort by a group of young people, working with a tree-planting foundation, to minimize the activity’s impact on the environment.



This virtual experience is perfect not only for those missing a holiday in Taiwan but also for environmentalists and nature lovers. Gather your friends and family and take them to Pingxi, Taiwan—virtually, that is—for a magical Chinese New Year celebration!

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*Featured image via Taiwan Tourism