Enjoy The Outdoors in Kuala Kubu Bharu

Kuala Kubu Bharu (KKB) is a nearby spot that is not very commonly known for tourist activities, however, locals know what exciting adventures lie here. Conveniently located on the foothill of the Titiwangsa Ridge this place offers an array of fun outdoor activities. 



Tandem Parachute 

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Who knew you could go parachuting in Malaysia? This activity is both exciting but also incredibly relaxing. Fly across KKB and be sure to look down at the scenic view of mountains, rivers and waterfalls. There’s no need to worry about safety as expert pilots will be in charge of your flight. Head over to our website to get our discounted offer.  



Maya Falls

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Also known as Lata Medang, here there is an extraordinary stretch of forests, flora, and fauna waiting for you to discover. The best way to experience all of this is through their half-day hiking tour. Learn about the best hiking trails from experienced guides and make your way up to Maya Falls for a relaxing dip in the chill water. 



White Water Rafting 

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PieRose Swiftwater SDN BHD is the company to take you for a safe yet adventurous experience white water rafting over the natural rapids. Formed by a husband-wife team who has been closely associated with Whitewater Rafting in Malaysia since its early days, they employ local guides from the indigenous community for a fully informed session.  



Fish Sanctuary 

Sungai Chiling Fish Sanctuary located 21 km from Kuala Kubu Bharu Town is a must-visit for those who travel to Fraser’s Hill. Admission fee is RM 1 and upon entry, you will be asked to pay a deposit or RM 3 per plastic bags or bottles you bring at the Ranger Station. Make sure you bring back the item when you are going out to get the deposit back.



Natural Hot Springs 

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Hulu Tamu Hot Spring is a natural hot spring about seven kilometres from Batang Kali. The facilities here have been upgraded recently by the district council with the addition of concrete shelters and gazebos and by encasing the spring pool with concrete walls. The pool is divided into two sections, one with the natural hot spring water and the other with cooler water suitable for swimming and paddling.



So, as you can see, KKB is a perfect place to take the family to or bond with friends during a quick weekend getaway. Be sure to try out all the recreational activities listed above and always enjoy the nature around you at all times. 



*Featured image via Krafting Momentz on Shutterstock