10 Romantic K-Dramas to Binge-Watch On Valentine’s Day

No plans of going out this coming Valentine’s Day? Worry not! It seems reasonable to spend time with your favorite Korean drama couples during the new normal. Grab some snacks like brownies, lava cakes, milk tea, and a box of tissues because we’ve rounded up 10 K-dramas you can watch to slip into the romantic mood:



Romance Is A Bonus Book

via tvN

Romance is a Bonus Book is all about life’s second chances. Cha Eun Ho is a gifted writer and the youngest chief editor at a book publishing company. Kang Dan Yi is a former copywriter desperately looking for a job. This drama has a heartwarming story that you can always enjoy on any day. It will remind you that it’s never too late to start again—in life and love.



Strong Girl Bong Soon

via JTBC

In the mood for something fun with a bit of suspense? This series revolves around Do Bong Soon, a petite girl with supernatural strength. She uses her power to save people from danger or even bullies. After seeing her fight with goons, a young CEO named An Min Hyuk recruits her as his bodyguard. They agreed that if Bong Soon catches his stalker, she can fulfill her dream to design video games at his company.



Touch Your Heart

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Touch Your Heart tells the story of Oh Yoon Seo, a popular actress involved in a scandal that ends up destroying her career. For her on-screen comeback, she finally got a role as a secretary in a drama by a famous writer. To get in her character, she is assigned to work for a cranky lawyer for six months.



Was It Love?

via JTBC

“Was it love?” is a romantic drama about a single mom who aspires to be a movie producer. Noh Ae Jung has given up on love to focus on raising her daughter and to make ends meet. Despite giving up on love, four different men appeared in her life to help her rediscover love and herself.



Because This Is My First Life

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Nam Se Hee and Yoon Ji Ho are not exactly in an ideal place in their lives. The story tells how they will learn about themselves and embrace the imperfections of life. Because This Is My First Life will give the viewers a glimpse of how real-life truly is, it’s a drama that doesn’t expect anything.



My First First Love

via Netflix

Want to laugh, fall in love, and cry at the same time? My First First Love is about coming of age and first love. It will leave you feeling warm after each episode! The story is about a group of friends who try to figure things out while living under the same roof—kind of like a Korean version of Friends.



Extraordinary You

via MBC

Fans who love webtoon inspired romantic comedies, look here! Extraordinary You is about Eun Dan Oh, a rich high school student who suffers from a heart condition. Things change when she learns that she is merely an extra character in a comic universe. While trying to change her fate, she meets student number 13. Dan Oh believes he could be the answer to alter their destiny created by the writer.



Her Private Life

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Her Private Life revolves around Sung Deok Mi, a full-time art gallery curator, and a part-time secret fansite master. As she’s devoted to her work, she’s also committed to being the ultimate fangirl of Cha Shi An. Everything is in place— not until the new art gallery director, Ryan Gold, came into the picture.



My Absolute Boyfriend

via SBS

Based on the popular manga by the same name, My Absolute Boyfriend is about a make-up artist who became a humanoid robot’s girlfriend after their accidental kiss. Da Da finds herself stuck with Zero Nine—a robot who is manufactured to become a love companion. Can the love between a human and a robot be “real?”



Love In The Moonlight

via KBS2

Love In The Moonlight revolves around Hong Ra On, a girl who lives as a man to support herself. She grows up living as Sam Nom, a relationship counselor and a writer. Through a series of events, Ra On ends up working as a eunuch in the palace. She meets the Crown Prince after that who found her attractive as a man.



So, which one are you gonna binge-watch this Valentine’s season?



*Featured image via tvN & JTBC