Celebrate Chinese New Year 2021 With These Experiences That Boost Positivity

Time waits for no one, and yet another year is ahead of us. As we slowly but surely emerge from the challenges of the past year, we should approach the new year with a fresh outlook and motivation to start anew. This Chinese New Year in Singapore, turn your luck around and attract good fortune with activities that bring forth positive energy. We’ve handpicked experiences in and (virtually) out of the country that can make you feel good and see the world again with fresh eyes. 



Singapore Discovery Journey With Sindo Ferry

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If you’re looking for some solitude, the southern offshore islands of Singapore are some of the best places to contemplate the past and what lies ahead. Go on a relaxing island hopping with Sindo Ferry’s Singapore Discovery Journey, which takes you to St. John’s Island, Lazarus Island, and Kusu Island, each with their own charms. 

It’s a full-day journey that lets you spend a few hours on each island. So whether you want to bond with your family over a picnic or spend some me-time by the beach, you’ll have enough time to savor the moment. Notably, Kusu Island is home to a Chinese temple and Malay shrines, a perfect place for spiritual reflection.

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Singapore Sling or Champagne Flight on Singapore Flyer

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You made it past a very challenging year, and that deserves a toast! Ring in the Chinese New Year with a nice glass of Singapore Sling cocktail or champagne as you soar as high up as 40 stories on Singapore Flyer with majestic views of the city. Let this ride represent the new heights that you can reach this year! 

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Sampan Boat Ride at Marina Bay Sands

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Going shopping or exploring the festivities at Marina Bay Sands this season? You can do so while sailing leisurely on a sampan boat along the Venice-inspired Canal at The Shoppes. You will go around the Rain Oculus where, if you look up, you’ll find a bowl-shaped rain-collecting whirlpool that has also become famous as a wishing well. All the water—and coins—go to the canal below, so you might as well toss your coin here and make a wish for the new year as you sail by!

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Virtual Tour of Erawan Shrine in Bangkok, Thailand

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It is common during Chinese New Year to go on a pilgrimage to places of worship and pray for grace. But due to the persisting restrictions, it’s not currently easy to do so. However, virtual tours are now in place even for sacred places like Erawan Shrine in Bangkok, which is famous for its golden four-faced Brahma god statue. With this virtual tour, you can even make an offering to the Buddha by selecting from different packages. 

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Pingxi Eco-Friendly Sky Lantern Releasing Virtual Tour

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Another activity we love doing during Chinese New Year is releasing sky lanterns, inscribed with wishes for good luck, to the sky. And Pingxi, Taiwan, is one of the best places for it. If you’re not able to fly to Taiwan to join the tradition, you’ll be glad to know that there’s also a virtual tour for one of the most iconic sky lantern releasing events in the Pingxi District. You get an eco-friendly sky lantern with your wishes written on it for you, and then witness it fly to the sky via live streaming!

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*Featured image via Kuznetsova Julia on Shutterstock