Rediscover Singapore’s Chinatown Through This Thrilling Outdoor Escape Room Game

There’s a murder in Chinatown.

A serial killer is on the loose and the whole nation is gripped with fear.

And only YOU can find the killer.

This is the Chinatown Murders, a new game and walking tour experience with a whodunit murder mystery twist. This is an effort by local agency Tribe Tours to evolve their tourism products to cater to a domestic clientele, as Singapore welcomes the revival of small group tours.


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Since the launch of the Chinatown Murders, also touted as an ‘outdoor escape room game tour,’ past participants have praised this unique way to tour Chinatown. Participants are roped in to find the (imaginative) killer by solving a series of puzzles around Chinatown, while learning stories about characters who used to live in Chinatown.

The game has no overall time limit, but each puzzle has a ten-minute countdown to beat.

This game tour can be played in teams of two to five persons, in order to keep with safe management measures.


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*Featured image via KKday Supplier