10 Romantic Stay-At-Home Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Staying in can be just as romantic as going out, especially with a little effort and creativity. With just the two of you and minimal distractions, it’s a way to make the relationship feel fresh and more special. Read on for our favorite romantic stay-at-home date ideas that you can indulge in for your next date night or anniversary.



Cook A Fancy Meal

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A fancy dinner doesn’t necessarily have to be in an expensive restaurant. In fact, there’s nothing more impressive and romantic than serving your significant other a delicious meal you’ve whipped up yourself.

Not much of a cook? Surprise your partner with new culinary skills and sign up for the École Ducasse Online Culinary eXperience by Enderun Extension. You can even take the class with them and heat up the kitchen together!



Wine Tasting

Set up a few candles, put on your favorite romantic tunes, and crack open two or three bottles of wine that you’ve never had before. Trying out a new vino at home is a wonderful (and cheaper) way to recreate a fancy night out without spending too much at a wine bar. Don’t forget the cheese and desserts to go with the wine, such as a sinfully decadent lava cake or a classic burnt cheesecake.



Try Being A Mixologist

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If you’re more adventurous or hands-on, mixing drinks may be more your speed than regular wine tasting. You and your partner can agree to prepare a cocktail that you think the other will enjoy and see who can whip up a great drink better.

Get some take-out afterward or book a meal from your favorite restaurant—say, a Korean BBQ feast from Wagyupsal. The sumptuous spread includes beef bulgogi, woosamgyup, samgyupsal, pork honey garlic, fishcake, and kimchi. Truly a buffet fit for a special occasion!



Set Up A Tent Outside And Spend The Night Stargazing

Outdoor lovers who miss going on adventures can pitch their tents in the backyard for a night “in the wild.” Find a spot with the best view of the night sky and try to spot Orion’s Belt (or Orion itself), Big Dipper, or just random shapes in the heavens. Pack yummy snacks for the night like brownies, or the addicting boba buns by Miss B.



Go To The Movies

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Netflix-and-chill is pretty much a classic at this point, but there’s a reason why so many couples love it. It’s low-key, comfortable, inexpensive, and a great way to bond with each other, whether you’re laughing over a stand-up comedy special, rewatching an old favorite, or binge-watching the latest K-drama.

Make it feel like a real movie date at the theater by dressing up and serving classic snacks at the cinema, like popcorn and milk tea. Try Moonleaf’s best-selling Wintermelon Make Your Own Milk Tea Kit to satisfy your milk tea cravings right at home.



Take A Virtual Tour

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While you’re still planning or saving up for your next trip abroad, why not get a taste of the world’s most amazing sites? Virtual tours let you wander through remote destinations in the comfort of your own home. Some highlights: Louvre, the Vatican Museums, the Van Gogh Museum, and more via Google Arts & Culture.



Pamper Each Other With A Spa Day

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Spa experiences are an excellent way for couples to relax and recharge together. At home, it makes for an even more romantic and intimate date. It’s easy to call for a massage service at home, but even better if you’re setting up a spa for each other with soothing massages, calming face masks, and cucumber-infused water. Indulge with the Snoe Beauty Happy White Ever After body oil that’s perfect for massages.



Head To The Garden For A Picnic

If you have a bit of green space outside the house, this could be the ideal spot for a cute picnic date. All you need is a large blanket, a bottle of wine, some sandwiches, maybe a bucket of cookies, and a favorable weather forecast.



Play Games!

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The couple that plays together, stays together, right? Enjoy a regular game night every now and then, whether you prefer to play video games or classics like Jenga and Scrabble. Games are not only fun, but they also allow couples to get to know each other better, as well as fosters good spirits friendly competition. Just make sure you’re not being too competitive that the night ends in a fight!



Be Creative Together In An Online Class

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Find a new hobby that you can enjoy together and take a class without stepping out the door. Fun online classes like language lessons and leather crafting are available at KKday at great prices. Other websites like Udemy and Skillshare also have a wide range of different classes.




A final idea for a great date night: Plan your next romantic getaway together! Browse KKday for unique travel ideas and the best online deals in and outside of the Philippines.



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