8 K-Dramas That Feature Your Favorite Idols

From performing on stage to making people laugh on variety shows to acting in K-dramas, our favorite K-pop idols prove that most of them can do pretty much anything. Idols starring in K-Dramas fill fans with anticipation especially since this gives them an opportunity to see a different side of their idol. It’s a real treat for people who are both interested in K-Pop and K-Drama because these talented artists give fans the best of both worlds! 

Make sure you have some yummy food and drinks to keep you company while watching these shows! Here are 8 K-Dramas that feature your favorite idols:



True Beauty – Cha Eun Woo of ASTRO

via tvN Drama on Twitter

Based on the wildly popular webtoon of the same title, True Beauty follows the story of an insecure girl who discovers the transformative magic of makeup.

Cha Eun Woo from the K-pop boy group ASTRO plays the main lead Lee Su Ho. Eun Woo is known as the face genius in the K-Pop industry and his perfect face is matched by his on-screen charm. He’s best known for his charming roles in My ID is Gangnam Beauty and Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung.



Hotel Del Luna – IU

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The series revolves around the magical world of Hotel Del Luna and a general manager who unlocks the secrets surrounding the hotel and its staff. It is a mix of horror, humor, and the occasional romance.

Beloved for both her singing and acting skills, IU first debuted as a solo artist at the young age of 15. She stepped into her first acting role three years later in the teen musical drama Dream High. Her wide range of projects includes “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo”, “The Producers”, and “My Mister”.



100 Days My Prince – D.O of EXO

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Upon losing his memory, a cold-hearted prince crosses paths with Joseon’s oldest bachelorette, who makes him experience the ordinary life outside the palace and experience romantic love for the first time.

Do Kyung Soo aka “D.O” the main vocalist of K-Pop group EXO landed his first lead role on the small screen in 100 Days My Prince, which was a commercial success. He’s a multitalented artist and has earned the reputation of being an outstanding actor, even winning the Blue Dragon Film Awards’ Best New Actor Award in 2017.



Start-Up – Suzy of Miss A

via Netflix

Start-Up tells the story of young people who are eager to start their businesses at SandBox, the world of start-up companies. Seo Dal Mi and Nam Do San are chosen to join Sandbox in which both will share a connection as individuals who try their luck at setting their start-ups.

Bae Suzy is one of the most sought-after Hallyu actresses. Dubbed as the “Nation’s First Love”, and is best known for her roles in Uncontrollably Fond, While You Were Sleeping, and Vagabond. She was the lead vocalist and visual of K-Pop girl group Miss A prior to her acting career.



Extraordinary You – Rowoon of SF9

via MBC

Extraordinary You explores the world of comics from a supporting character’s point of view. As Dan Oh tries to get away from the path made for her, she meets a student who acts as her knight in shining armor. Will she succeed in making the happy ending she wanted?

Lead vocalist and visual of K-Pop boy group SF9, Kim Seok Woo a.k.a. Rowoon is the knight in shining armor in this series. He recently gained fame through this drama and now a lot of fans are anticipating his next acting gig, She Would Never Know in 2021.



Search – Krystal of f(x)

via OCN

Search is a thriller drama that tells the story of a specialized search party that sets out to uncover an unknown enemy lurking in the DMZ.

Krystal began her career as the lead vocalist and center of the five-member group f(x) before her acting debut in 2010. She played diverse roles on the small screen such as “The Heirs”, “My Lovely Girl”, “The Bride of Habaek”, “Prison Playbook”, and “Player”.



Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth – BTS’ V

via KBS2

Set amidst the political strife of the Shilla Kingdom, the series revolves around the Hwarang, an elite group of young men in Silla who are recruited to protect the kingdom from enemies.

Kim Tae Hyung or also known as V from BTS made his acting debut through Hwarang as Suk Han Sung, the youngest among the Hwarang warriors.



He Is Psychometric – GOT7 Jin Young

via tvN Drama on Twitter

After a traumatic incident that leaves him with the ability to see the past through touch, a young man uses this power to search for answers about the past. The series explores how people are marked by painful memories but are defined by the choices they make.

Park Jin Young is the lead vocalist of the boy group GOT7. He’s best known for starring in the drama series He is Psychometric and When My Love Blooms. He first debuted as an actor in “Dream High 2” and appeared in different dramas through the years while being active as an idol.



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*Featured image via tvN, KBS2