Activities In Bohol That Belong On Your Travel Bucket List

Beaming, beautiful, and beguiling. Bewitching, blissful, and breathtaking. There are as many words to describe the central Philippine province of Bohol as there are sights to explore.

From tiny tarsiers and white sand beaches to heritage churches and the landmark Chocolate Hills, Bohol does not disappoint. And, at long last, the province recently reopened its doors to tourists on November 15, 2020.

So, what are the must-sees and must-dos while in Bohol? Whether you’re a chill sightseer or an adventure seeker, you should definitely check out this list of five activities that belong on your Bohol bucket list.



Ride a hot air balloon above Chocolate Hills

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Most visitors to Bohol make the trek to the viewing deck overlooking Chocolate Hills. Travel insiders, however, know that there are other ways of experiencing the tourist landmark. See the chocolate brown hills from a totally different perspective with a scenic early morning hot-air balloon ride. It’s a cooler experience.



See tarsiers in their natural habitat

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Let’s be honest: you want to go to Bohol because you want to see the smallest and cutest primate in the world. In addition to Chocolate Hills, the tarsier is one of Bohol’s biggest draws. The best place to see tarsiers is in their natural habitat, and the Philippine Tarsier and Wildlife Sanctuary is home to many of the adorable tarsiers that you’ll find in the heart of Bohol Island.



Cruise the Loboc River

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By noon, you would have worked up an appetite and you want to avoid the hot sun. Hop aboard a dining riverboat and savor a hearty buffet of Filipino specialties as you drift through the pristine waters of the Loboc River. Admire the jungle views and soak up the essence of Bohol Island. Part of the experience is a short cultural show staged by the local community.



Go scuba diving at Alona Beach

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Scuba diving in Bohol’s crystal blue waters is a fun way of experiencing nature. Learn some basic diving skills before you jump into the deep end. Get up close with tropical fish and sea turtles and swim above colorful coral. Explored reefs, wrecks, and caves. A seasoned diving instructor is always at your side.



Hop around nearby islands and spot dolphins

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No matter where you are in the Philippines—and Bohol is no exception—you must go island hopping on a private outrigger. Explore exotic islands like Pamilacan, Balicasag, Isola di Francesco, and the crescent-shaped sandbar of Virgin Island. Meet friendly dolphins and go snorkeling in one of the country’s top diving spots.

We hope you’ve gotten plenty of itinerary inspiration from our ultimate Bohol bucket list. We’d also like to share with you a few travel reminders from our friends from the provincial government of Bohol.



Bohol COVID-19 travel advisory

While Bohol reopened its doors to tourists, health and safety protocols—such as contact tracing, getting your temperature checked, wearing masks, washing your hands frequently, and using hand sanitizer—still apply. The Bohol Tourism Office encourages both visitors and locals to take extra precautions against COVID-19 during their trip.



Who can visit?

Pregnant women, individuals with comorbidities (e.g., diabetes, heart disease, or hypertension), and children with health conditions are not allowed to visit.


Before your trip

Visitors interested in going to Bohol should first preregister at for a quick response (QR) code to book their tickets, which serves as their “passport” while in the province. Tourists must also provide a medical certificate and physical proof of a negative RT-PCR coronavirus test 72 hours before their flights.

Book your  RT-PCR COVID-19 test appointment here!



Tourists staying for less than five days need not undergo quarantine and may enjoy activities in the tourism bubble. Those staying longer, however, shall undergo another PCR test on the fifth day at their own expense.


Critical care

If the PCR test result is positive, the visitor must choose an accredited quarantine facility to stay for 14 days and be tested again afterward. All expenses incurred shall be shouldered by the tourist.



Book and confirm accommodations before traveling. Make sure your hotel or resort has a Certificate of Authority to Operate from the Department of Tourism and an UBE Seal from the provincial government of Bohol.


Tourist sites

Accredited facilities and public spaces, such as parks, beaches, and resorts shall open in accordance with appropriate health protocols.


Attractions, tours, and guides

Book only with accredited tour operators and transport providers. Impromptu stopovers are highly discouraged.

Visitors showing symptoms of the coronavirus should immediately call 117 for assistance. For more information, visit