YouTube Channels To Subscribe To For Binge-Worthy South Korean Web Dramas

Maybe you’ve watched all of the best South Korean dramas and are running out of options. Or, you’re scrimping on a Netflix or Viu subscription. Well, look no further than good old YouTube. With an endless ocean of content, it’s no surprise that it has also become the platform for some short but sweet South Korean web dramas, which are a perfect alternative to mainstream K-dramas. You can watch them for free, albeit with ads, and they also feature popular actors and K-pop artists. 

Below are the best YouTube channels with binge-worthy South Korean web dramas. You don’t have to think twice about hitting that Subscribe button! And make sure to click on Add to Cart on these delicious snacks to complement your binge-watching session.




tvN D STORY is a digital drama studio by tvN, a South Korean entertainment network that’s brought some of the highest rating K-dramas such as Start-Up, Crash Landing on You, and Hotel del Luna. The web drama channel specifically targets Gen Z audiences, so many of the dramas have youth and friendship themes. However, one of its latest web dramas, Trap—co-produced by Tik Tok—adds some zing to the viewing experience with a romantic thriller story. 



Playlist Global

When it comes to South Korean web dramas, Playlist Global is already a household name. Its YouTube channel now has 1.6 million subscribers and counting. Most of its dramas have romantic themes, many of which are apt for teens and young adults.

Its most popular mini-series is high-school drama A-Teen, now with two seasons. Meanwhile, Seventeen stars Kim Do-wan who is now popularly known as Yong-san from Start-Up. 

Playlist Global uploads new content every Thursday and Saturday, 7 p.m. (KST).





King of Korean Drama TV, or more simply known as KOK TV, fits the bill by being the source of some of the best Korean web dramas. The production company behind this 1.5-million-strong YouTube channel is WHYNOT Media, which focuses on short-form videos for online media platforms. 

The web drama that put them on the map is Secret Crushes, a tale of unrequited love originally released on Naver TV, which now has three seasons. Other popular dramas on their YouTube channel are Best Mistake, FAILing in Love, and One Fine Week.



Dingo Story / Dingo K-Drama

Dingo is a digital studio brand focusing on lifestyle and entertainment content by Korean media company MAKEUS. Both Dingo Story and Dingo K-Drama on YouTube have coinciding web dramas, although the latter has a more diverse video library consisting of K-pop and variety entertainment. Their most popular titles include slice-of-life comedy Miss Independent Jieun, sci-fi romance Not a Robot, and coming-of-age rom-com Like.



Lululala Story Lab

Lululala Story Lab is one of the newest web drama channels launched as an offshoot of Studio Lululala by prominent TV network JTBC. The network is behind critically acclaimed K-dramas like Itaewon Class and The World of the Married

One of Lululala Story Lab’s most popular web dramas is rom-com The Way I Hate You, starring Jae-min of NCT. The latest Hanging On is a family sitcom based on a webtoon, and it is headlined by well-known personalities such as actor Jung Sang-hoon, singer Lee Jin-hyuk, and model Lee Hyun-yi.



These web drama channels on YouTube have a plethora of awesome content. Be sure to get snacks ready before you go on marathon mode. Order Wagyupsal’s Korean BBQ, Banh Mi sandwiches, and Miss B milk drinks from KKday!



Featured image from Playlist Global, Dingo K-Drama, and KOK TV