10 Of The Cosiest Cafes In Sungai Petani, Kedah

Who doesn’t love a cosy café with a good cuppa coffee or tea? Café is not only a good place to satisfy your coffee cravings (and tea!) as well as your appetite, but also the perfect spot to hang out with family and friends.

If you are looking for a hangout spot in Sungai Petani, we gotcha! These cosy cafés are right here in SP, so you don’t have to go all the way to Penang anymore. On top of that, these eateries are a combination of good food and great ambiance in one place–certainly the best place sto chill!

Let’s check out these nice and cosy cafés in Sungai Petani, Kedah.



Overstepped Café

Via Overstepped Café on Facebook

Located close to Sungai Petani South Toll plaza, this café is easily accessible. Overstepped Café is a gourmet western restaurant with an industrial concept. It is uniquely decorated with elements of concrete, exposed bricks, bare metals, and network of PVC pipes. As for the menu, it serves a variety of tasty western and local foods and drinks.

Address: C97 & 98, Tingkat 1, Jalan Indah 2, Taman Sejati Indah, 08000 Sungai Petani
Contact: +604-430 0187
Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday: 12.00 pm – 12.00 am (Closed on Monday)



Pallet Café

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A modern café with a cosy design, Pallet Café is tucked in the bustling commercial lot of Lagenda Heights. Despite setting up on the second floor, the café maintains its visibility via a big signboard. Its inviting interior comprises of well-decorated tires, and dining tables and benches made out of pallet – hence the name! Rumour has it that this place brews a decent cup of coffee, so don’t forget to try it.

Address: 162, Tingkat 1, Jalan Lagenda 6, Lagenda Heights, 08000 Sungai Petani
Contact: +604-424 0661
Opening Hours:
Sunday – Tuesday, Thursday & Friday: 11.00 am – 11.00 pm
Saturday: 12.00 pm – 11.00 pm
Closed on Wednesday



EZY Delitès Café

Via Ezy Delites Café on Facebook

A stylish eatery yet gives off more laid-back vibes, EZY Delitès Café is another hipster café in town. Looking grand and fancy from the outside, this café features a spacious and comfortable dining area that is suitable for families. The menu consists of a wide variety of choices, from western to local delicacies. It also serves crafted drink selections for you to enjoy.

Address: Lorong BLM 1/1, Bandar Laguna Merbok, 08000 Sungai Petani
Contact: +604-444 6337
Opening Hours:
Saturday – Monday, Wednesday & Thursday: 12.00 pm – 11.00pm
Friday: 3.00 pm – 11.00 pm
Closed on Tuesday



Kami The Kafe

Via Kami The Kafe on Facebook

One of its kind, Kami The Kafe is rather a small café nestled away from the bustling town. Known for its concept of minimal retro, this place is adorned with upcycled furniture, quirky wall art, and a unique bar and register. The menu mainly consists of western food and a fusion of east meets west. Despite its limited choice of menu, all of it is highly recommended.

Address: Lorong 12, Kampung Teroi, 08000 Sungai Petani
Contact: +6017-583 0734
Opening Hours: Daily, 6.00 pm – 12.00 am


Fork N Spoon Restaurant

Via Fork N Spoon Café on Facebook

If you are looking for a nice place to have a hearty meal while hanging out, head over to Fork N Spoon Restaurant. From its thick menu, there is a wide range of items to choose from–including Western, Japanese, and Thai cuisines. The walls are aesthetically decorated with celebrity portraits and a quirky crossword puzzle. Even the pathway to the toilet is full of wall art.

Address: 23A, Lorong 20, Taman Patani Jaya, 08000 Sungai Petani
Contact: +604-446 5449
Opening Hours: Daily, 12.00 pm – 10.00 pm



Galaxy X Café & Bistro

Via Galaxy X Café & Bistro on Facebook

Looking for a nice café to have a fun celebration without breaking the bank? Galaxy X Café & Bistro provides decorations for small parties and celebrations, free of charge! In fact, it is well-known amongst locals as a go-to place for intimate celebrations. The menu features Western food as well as Asian fusion to cater to all.

Address: 38, Tingkat Bawah Jalan Seroja 1, Persiaran Amanjaya 2, Bandar Amanjaya, 08100 Sungai Petani
Contact: +6010-286 2022
Opening Hours: Daily, 2.30 pm – 11.30 pm



Misriana Café

Via Misriana Café on Facebook

Situated just by the Riverfront SP, Misriana Café is a quaint and cosy café that welcomes the diners. Adorned with vibrant wallpapers and fancy decorations, this place gives off warm and homey vibes. It offers multi-cuisine as part of the menu, including pizza, pasta, and Western food. It also has amazing desserts and kuih, so don’t forget to try them out!

Address: 191, Jalan Mawar 3/2, Taman Pekan Baru, Riverfront City, 08000 Sungai Petani
Contact: +6010-843 0774
Opening Hours: Daily, 12.30 pm – 11.00 pm



Heart & Soul Café

Via Heart & Soul Café on Facebook

When cake meets coffee, Heart & Soul happens. Located a bit outside of Sungai Petani town, this little café can be a quick escape from the busy life. Dim-lighted with minimal décor, it features a soulful and calm ambiance. Besides Western food, this place serves good coffee as well as assorted tasty cakes and mille crepes – perfect for a quick bite with friends.

Address: A-68, Jalan 5, Cinta Sayang Resort Home, 08000 Sungai Petani
Contact: +6017-412 9873
Opening Hours: Thursday – Tuesday: 9.00 am – 10.00 pm (Closed on Wednesday)



Café Takdak Nama

Via Café Takdak Nama on Facebook

With northern slang, the name of this place literally means ‘café without a name’. Catchy as it can be, wait until you see its interior. Despite its limited space, Café Takdak Nama came up with brilliant idea–double-decker seating arrangement! Instead of the typical dining area, its interior is well-designed to fit stacks of dining tables and benches.

Address: 31-2, Jalan Perdana Heights 1/1, Bandar Amanjaya, 08000 Sungai Petani
Contact: +6010-797 5016
Opening Hours: Wednesday – Monday: 5.00 pm – 12.00 am (Closed on Tuesday)



The Cabin Café

Via The Cabin Café on Facebook

Fancy for a place with a comfy, homey vibe? A house converted to a café, The Cabin Café situated in a lively neighbourhood in SP. It features a spacious dining area, both indoor and outdoor. The interior is adorned with homely décor and vibrant colours. The menu comprises scrumptious yet affordable Western cuisine and a varied selection of drinks.

Address: 942, Jalan Delima 3/1, Jalan Lencongan Barat, Taman Delima, 08000 Sungai Petani
Contact: +6017-536 8776
Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday: 5.00 pm – 12.00 am



There you go; a complete list of 10 cosy cafés for a hangout or café-hunt with friends in Sungai Petani, Kedah. For more amazing and Instagram-able cafés, check out KKday now!


Featured image from The Cabin Café on Facebook