Fun Trip to A’Famosa Melaka: The Complete Guide

Melaka is known as the historical city of Malaysia, one of the most popular tourist destinations. Rich with history, it was colonized by big powers – Portuguese, Dutch and British. Up till today, the influences from these former colonial powers can be seen in the architecture, food, and culture. You can visit various heritage sites to witness its impact.

Nevertheless, your trip to Melaka is incomplete without a visit to A’Famosa Resort. Named after the prominent 16th-century Portuguese fort of Melaka, A’Famosa Resort promises leisure and entertainment for guests. In fact, it was rated by some as one of the most notable vacation destinations in Malaysia. With plenty of amazing, fun-filled activities, there is always something for everybody.

Check out our complete guideline for a fun trip to A’Famosa Melaka.



A’Famosa Resort

Apart from a wide range of accommodations to choose from, A’Famosa Resort offers many more attractions and facilities for all guest. Here are some of the things you should do at A’Famosa Resort.


  • Safari Wonderland

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Safari Wonderland is spread across 60 hectares and houses more than 150 species, including elephants, camels, tigers, giraffes and zebras. This place encourages the interaction between humans and wildlife. You can hop on a secured truck and ride through the safari whilst watching the animals in their natural habitat. The best part is you can play with rabbits, ride on horses, camels and elephants, or just do it all!



  • Old West

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Previously known as Cowboy Town, you will step into the world of wild, Wild West. Set up amongst rustic buildings, it offers variety of entertainment such as carnival, Red Indian shows, children theme park as well as fireworks display. Other than that, it also houses many facilities including discos, restaurants and beer gardens bowling alley.



  • Horseback Riding

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At the resort, you can enjoy a thrilling experience of riding around on a horse in the open countryside. A’Famosa Equestrian Club has an impressive collection of thoroughbred horses, a horse breed best known for its use in horse racing. You can sign up for Riding Lessons and Stable Management offered by the club. If horse-riding is not your cup of tea, you can as well hop onto a horse-drawn carriage with your loved one and enjoy a fairytale-like, romantic ride.



A’Famosa Water Theme Park

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The largest water theme park in Malaysia, A’Famosa Water Theme Park is the highlight of your trip. Take your swimsuit and be prepared to immerse yourself in an exhilarating water adventure. These are several major slides that you should never miss whilst you are here.



  • Family Raft Slide

Family Raft Slide is an adrenaline-charged ride on a gigantic expandable ring. Its capacity can hold up to three adults or two adults plus two kids with a shared weight of 220 kg.


  • Inner Tube Slide

There is an option of four slides at Inner Tube Slide. Two slides are covered and dark, while the other two are open at the top. Enjoy this slide with either a single seater inner tube or double with your partner.


  • Body Slide

Body Slide is the slide that does not require an inner tube. So you can slide down freely on the spiral slides with your body.


  • High Speed Slide

Delight in the ultimate stimulating experience of a high speed slide at the water theme park. These superfast slides fall away suddenly from a seven-floor high tower in just mere seconds – which explains the name.



Things To Do Around A’Famosa

During your stay at A’Famosa Resort, there is plenty of amazing things to do. Nevertheless, there are other wonderful heritage sites around the resort that are worth noting. Whilst you are here in Melaka, might as well have a look at it.



  • Melaka River Cruise

Photo by Fred Rivett on Unsplash

Melaka River is one of the highlights of the city, and the best way to explore it is by riding on a scenic river cruise. It will take you to the innermost corners of the ancient city. Back in the old times, the river would have been the most important trade routes of the area.



  • Taming Sari Revolving Tower


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With a height of 110 meters, it is hard not to notice Taming Sari Revolving Tower when you are in Melaka. Its revolving tower can seat up to 66 passengers at one time. Feast in the 360-degree panoramic sight of Melaka and enjoy a bird’s eye view of this beautiful town.



  • Stadthuys

Via Slleong at wts wikivoyage on Wikimedia Commons (CC BY 1.0)

One of the most famous landmarks in Melaka, Stadthuys is well-known for its crimson red façade. Built during the Dutch colonial period, the building dates from 1650 – makes it the oldest of its kind. Don’t miss out on the chance to marvel at this heritage site and explore more about its history.



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Featured image from Via A’Famosa Resort