5 Best Things to Do in Cherating

Cherating is a popular beach resort area located in Pahang and rests around 30 Km north of Kuantan on Peninsular Malaysia’s east coast. Just like other places in Malaysia, there are many exciting things to do in Cherating. Here, we round up the five best activities you can try on your visit:



Hit the beach

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The gorgeous beach here has a length of sand that goes on for such a long distance off the north of Club Med. Cherating Beach is much quieter and serene than other beaches with a laid back atmosphere and scenic views. It’s a must for you to relax here and gather your thoughts or just build a sandcastle. 



Ombak Surf Village 

via Ombak Indah Resort

Doubling as a surf school during monsoon season and run by experienced surfer staff, this enjoyable spot is a great choice for brunch served on paint-splattered tables. The menu includes dishes such as avocado salad, tuna cheese toasties or you can just sit back with a coffee or smoothie. There’s also a small library of well-worn paperbacks.



Visit the turtle sanctuary

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This small but animal-friendly turtle sanctuary will show you turtles breeding habits as well as the conservation process of these endangered creatures. There are basins with baby and rehabilitating green turtles for you to coo at. Additionally, you can also join in to release hatched baby turtles at night into the ocean safely. 



River cruise 

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By taking a river cruise, you can ride close to the mangrove trees and the still murky water which covers a distance of an hour and a half. The inside of the mangrove jungle is home to many wildlife and crawling creatures like snakes and monitor lizards. This river gives a closer look at the natural habitat of these places.



Watch sea turtles lay eggs

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You’ll find turtles nesting at this location at the end of October, arriving on the shore to lay their eggs. Who wouldn’t want to witness a unique thing like the egg-laying mother turtle? Join the volunteer team and be a part of the turtle population’s protection.


As you can see, Cherating has much laid back and nature-infused activities for you to enjoy while visiting. We also recommend the Royale Chulan Cherating Villas as a place to stay with our package options.



Featured image via Hanif Fauzi & Jonathan Choo on Shutterstock