Your Ultimate 3 Day Itinerary For Cherating

Cherating is basically one of Malaysia’s most famous resort towns. Located on the east coast of the peninsular, it is home to the Chendor Turtle Sanctuary and has beaches which serve as breeding sites for various species of sea turtles. 


Day 1 – First Half 

There are many ways to travel to Cherating, you can take a 40 minutes flight from KL or travel old school by car. The distance from KL to here is 218 kilometres however the best way to get from Kuala Lumpur to Cherating without a car is to bus via Kuantan which takes 5h 5m and costs RM 100 – RM 130. We recommend you stay at the Royale Chulan Cherating Villas.

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After arriving and settling into your accommodations, the first thing you’ll want to do is have something to eat. Daily breakfast and brunch options can be found in Warung Ambak Cherating. They serve up the best roti canai and roti bum with all the fixings you can imagine. Plus their Nasi Ayam is known region-wide. 


Day 1 – Second Half 

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With a satisfied stomach, head on to your first activity of the day which should be chilling at the beach to get rid of the tiredness from travelling. The long and wide beach in Cherating is perfect for running around and having fun or just lying down and being one with the sea. Cherating beach is shallow but the currents can be strong so be careful.  

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Now that you’re relaxed and all zen, it’s time to taste the splendid seafood here. Intan Seafood Restaurant, next to the Cherating Beach Resort, serves the freshest and best cooked grilled seafood both in Malaysian and Thai style. Additionally their open-air beachfront offers an ambiance that is perfect to end your day with. 



Day 2 – First Half

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After a good night’s sleep, head to breakfast at Pak Sahat. Located next to Pelangi Guest House, it is open from 7 AM offering authentic and simple Malay food and traditional roadside seating. Here you can also get cold, iced beverages as well.

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For your afternoon, visit Cherating’s Turtle Sanctuary. This place is open every day and is available to public visitors. Here you can learn about the turtle’s breeding process as well as see the conservation methods of these magical sea creatures. You can also take part in releasing the baby turtles at night to the ocean. 



Day 2 – Second Half 

Even though Cherating does not offer the kind of nightlife you’re used to in KL, depending on where you are staying, you can still enjoy the scenic sunset view with a laid back crowd and a few drinks. 

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Head over to the Cherating Beach Bar where there is plenty of entertainment and a jolly atmosphere on their beachfront. You can almost hear the music vibrating while you sip on a cold beer and enjoy the breathtaking view anywhere you look.  The view is excellent and cold beer plentiful. 



Day 3 – First Half 


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For food on your third day, Kam’s Surf Shack is the place to go for your coffee fix. They serve mouthwatering western delights throughout the day. This place offers a quiet relaxed atmosphere and easy conversation. The owner; Kam is an avid surfer and kiteboarder and more than willing to share his local water sports knowledge.

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Next, after learning all about the preferred local water sports, take a surfing lesson. There are several surf operators on the beach with a surfboard rental service. It might seem daunting but as you know on your last day you should go big before going home. 



Day 3 – Second Half 

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Don’t Tell Mama-Eco Bar stands out with its new beachfront turf with an eccentric choice of plastic chairs, wooden pallets, and used living room furniture. Popular with local and western tourists seeking an evening dive bar type scene.


Lastly, end your night with a blast with a little live music and a dose of karaoke at Little Bali located on the river road out of town. It plays host to local musicians and wannabe guest entertainers by providing a microphone and a forgiving audience. 



Well, there you have it! Don’t forget to bring your camera along to take shots of this perfect resort town as you enjoy, relax and stuff yourself with local delicacies.



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