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5 Of The Most Unique Attractions in Cameron Highlands

Although Malaysia is a tropical country known for rain and heat, there is one part of peninsular Malaysia, the Titiwangasa Ridge, that is known for being the coldest part of the country with temperatures as low as 20 degrees celsius. Here, you can enjoy the true wilderness of this beautiful country and we highly recommend Cameron Highlands as a must-visit stop while you’re there. There are many mainstream tourist spots in the area but below are some of the more obscure places that really bring out the wonder of this chilly reagent.  


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Cameron Highlands is famous for its flora but it’s not every day you can have a bunch of gorgeous roses all around you. Get your camera ready for this stop. Take a trip to Rose Centre, also known as Mrs. Robertson’s Rose Garden, which is located on a scenic hillside with a gorgeous view. Don’t be alarmed by the large size of some of the flowers, as they thrive due to the higher altitude of Cameron Highlands. There is also a pretty little cafe and gift shop attached so be prepared to pick up some souvenirs there. 

Cacti Valley

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Right on a forested hill is the gorgeous Cactus Valley which is known for its many varieties of cacti. Spend an entire day checking out a wide variety of colourful species of cacti, from towering specimens to small succulent plants. This is a place that’s bound to put a smile on your face and you can spend time taking pictures with these cute plants to spice up your feed. 

Rafflesia Flowers

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The Rafflesia Flower is famous for being the largest flower in the whole world and usually is only found in East Malaysia but in the peninsular region, you can find this prehistoric-looking blossom in Blue Valley, which is about an hour away from the main town in the Cameron Highlands. It is actually a parasitic plant that doesn’t have external roots and is referred to as the ‘Corpse Flower’ because of the pungent and unpleasant odour it releases, but these humongous marvels are still worth-seeing up close.

Mossy Forest 

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The Mossy Forest is an area known for its moss, lichen, and gorgeous ferns. These plants thrive here because of the low-lying mist that almost blankets the area. It is a truly gorgeous sight if you catch it. The Mossy Forest is also home to one of the highest points of the Cameron Highlands. If you wish to reach it, you need to hike 2 kilometres through the rainforest and you’ll end up at the summit of Mount Brinchang. 

Kampung Orang Asli

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In Cameron Highlands, you will find a number of traditional Orang Asli villages that are lined beside the main road that leads up the central town of Cameron Highlands. There are also really cool villages located in the jungle so if you want to catch a good glimpse of community life in the area beyond the tourist traps, you can get a tour guide to take you into the more remote areas. You can book a 2-day private tour on KKday here! 



So there you have it, a list of the most unique experiences in Cameron Highlands! Be sure to include these attractions in your itinerary for your trip to this cool and breezy mountain destination.



Featured image by Anna Ewa Bieniek & Anna ART on Shutterstock