What We Want To See In The Finale Of Start-Up

Without warning, Start-Up hauled us into the incredible world of start-ups with a nerve-racking love triangle at the fore. Now, the roller coaster ride is almost over, and there are two episodes left to settle unanswered questions and unfulfilled desires. We don’t know if there are still bombs to be dropped (we’re just as edgy as you are). Whether we’ll be bawling or cheering or teeth-grinding this weekend, we’re arming ourselves with good Korean food!

So, what can we expect and what do we want from the finale of Start-Up? 



The conclusion of Nam Do-san vs. Han Ji-pyeong

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At this point, it isn’t even a question anymore. This is not something that we, being on Team Good Boy like many fans, want to see but is rather an endgame that the writers have been leading us to all along. Unless they really still have a mind-boggling plot twist up their sleeves—it’s quite clear who the winner of the Do-san vs. Ji-pyeong brawl will be. 

Dal-mi has been giving us the signals—even after three years, Do-san still makes her heart skip a beat and Ji-pyeong remains on the sidelines. The good boy will remain a good boy—that is, he will keep holding his real feelings back to see the one he loves happy. All we wish is that the masters of his fate (a.k.a. the writers) will give Ji-pyeong a happy ending with or without Dal-mi.



Ji-pyeong’s happy ending

Maybe it’s not about Ji-pyeong’s tentative romance with Dal-mi but about his familial bond with grandma Choi, and that’s where his happy ending will be. We’ve got too caught up in the romantic affairs that we neglected to appreciate the beauty in their relationship. 

Ji-pyeong who grew up as an orphan found a family in grandma, and just the same he filled a hole within grandma who lost her own son. Just like true family, their bond is deep-rooted. Even if Dal-mi does choose Do-san in the end, we know that grandma will always have open arms for Ji-pyeong.



The powerhouse female tag-team

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At the start, we expected a typical clash between good girl Dal-mi and bad girl In-jae. At least, that’s how most of us projected In-jae to be—the villain who’s out to crush Dal-mi. However, we soon saw a beautiful development in In-jae’s character. Dal-mi and In-jae are simply two sisters broken up by opposing choices and now reconnected by a common dream. Now, we would love to see two powerhouse women holding the reins of a successful tech start-up.



A family rebuilt

Despite the heartwarming depiction of a family during the home-cooking session (episode 13), we’re really yet to see a complete family in one picture. In-jae was still showing some reluctance, but we already get to see her warming up during her encounter with grandma Choi and her initiating the dissolution of her adoption. A sign that she’s ready to break free from her toxic stepfather and be finally with her true family. 

We look forward to seeing a beautiful reconciliation between the Seo sisters, their mother Cha Ah-hyun, and grandma Choi in the finale of Start-Up, perhaps with Do-san and Ji-pyeong after they’ve finally buried the hatchet.



The success of Samsan Tech and NoonGil

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A significant resolution we want to see in the finale of Start-Up is the character development of Nam Do-san overcoming his insecurities and the blossoming of Samsan Tech. Do-san shines best when he’s in his trio with Yong-san and Chul-san, and we’d love to see how their team dynamics can bring their start-up to success in the end.

Lastly and most importantly—while Dal-mi and Do-san are currently engrossed in the development of Tarzan, we really want Samsan Tech to pick up where they left off with NoonGil. More than the groundbreaking self-driving car, we want Start-Up to end with grandma Choi having a good life and benefiting from NoonGil. That will put the icing on top of their reunited family. 



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Words by Rei Leano
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