Rides And Attractions We’re Excited To See In Super Nintendo World

It’s official: Super Nintendo World—the world’s first Nintendo-themed entertainment complex—is opening at Universal Studios Japan on 4 February 2020!

The grand opening of the highly themed and immersive land will kick off the 20th-anniversary celebrations of the massive Osaka theme park, and will finally unveil an out-of-this-world attraction featuring Nintendo’s most legendary worlds and characters that will allow guests to play inside their favorite Nintendo games. So, what can you look forward to on your visit?

Here are the rides and attractions in Super Nintendo World that you wouldn’t want to miss:


Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge

via Universal Studios Japan/Nintendo

Ever dreamed of joining a Mario Kart tournament IRL? Well, your fantasies will soon be a reality in Super Nintendo World! Among the much-awaited rides in the themed area is Mario Kart: Koopa’s challenge, a thrilling roller coaster ride within Bowser’s Castle that makes use of state-of-the-art technology.

Guests will enjoy the ultimate Mario Kart experience, collecting power ups and coins and throwing shells to take out opponents along the way. No two rides are ever the same!

Ride Information

Ride Time: Approximately 5 minutes
Capacity: 4 people per vehicle
Height Restriction: Must be over 12cm (92cm if accompanied by an adult)



Yoshi’s Adventure

via Universal Studios Japan/Nintendo

A family-friendly ride inspired by Mario and Luigi’s adorable green dinosaur friend, Yoshi’s Adventure invites guests to climb atop Yoshi’s back and follow Captain Toad on a treasure hunt to find 3 colored eggs that lead the way to the Golden Egg that Captain Toad is searching for. But, perhaps, the best part of this ride is how it treats guests to a spectacular view of Mushroom Kingdom from Mount Beanpole.

Ride Information

Ride Time: Approximately 5 minutes
Capacity: 2 people per vehicle
Height Restriction: Must be over 122cm (86cm if accompanied by an adult)



Power Up Band Key Challenge

via Universal Studios Japan/Nintendo

One of the most awesome experiences Super Nintendo World can offer its guests is through the Power-Up Band. It’s a wearable wristband that connects to a mobile phone app, which you can use to collect virtual coins and power-ups throughout the park.

To make the hot accessory even more worth-having, Super Nintendo World will be introducing the Power-Up Band Key Challenge. Work your way through various games in the area to collect three keys and retrieve the Golden Mushroom that Bowser Jr. has stolen.

Challenge Information

Recommended Age: 5 years and above
*Purchase of a Power-Up Band is required for this experience
The Super Nintendo World Power-Up Band comes in 6 designs and is priced at 3,200JPY each


Super Mario Merch & Insta-perfect Eats

via Universal Studios Japan/Nintendo

Last October, Mario Cafe & Store opened in the Hollywood section of Universal Studios Japan. The cafe features Mario-inspired bites and beverages on its menu, while the store boasts a wide array of exclusive Super Mario merchandise, ranging from t-shirts to plush pillows!

via Universal Studios Japan/Nintendo




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*Featured image from Universal Studios Japan/Nintendo