8 Super Cool Activities You Can Try At KL Tower And Around

The KL Tower or Menara KL is truly a wonder of modern Malaysian architecture, easily becoming one of the most iconic landmarks of Kuala Lumpur, as at 421 metres tall, it can be seen even from miles away! If you’re in KL, you must stop by and experience the many attractions it is known for.



Sky Deck 

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The Sky Deck is an open-air deck located 300 m above ground a true highlight of KL Tower. Here you can find the impressing view of KL since it allows a 360-degree skyline where your breath will truly be taken away by the beauty of this boisterous city. Perfect for any sort of photoshoot, it’s completely insta-worthy however it can only be accessed on days of appropriate weather as there is a risk of lightning.



Sky Box

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Now, for the thrill-seekers, if you want to take it up a notched head to the renowned Sky Box. An extra feature on the Sky Deck, it is a completely surreal experience. The Sky Box is amazing and a little scary at the same time. There are two of these boxes on the deck and it is basically a huge glass box jutting out into open space which will allow you to experience the view below you. Completely safe, we dare you to try it out. 



Observation Deck

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For those of you who are afraid of heights or simply prefer the indoors compared to the open-air Sky Deck, head to the Observation Deck. At 276 metres above ground level, it has its own unique view that is worth an impromptu shoot as well. Check out our promotions on both the Sky Deck and the Observation Deck here



Jelutong Tree

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Let’s not forget to incorporate nature into your trip and marvel at this 100-year-old giant which can be found on the left of the lobby. Here you will find the huge Jelutong tree known by its scientific name Dyera Costulata, it is a species of tree in the family Apocynaceae and is native to only South East Asia. There’s something special about this tree maybe because it’s older than anyone who visits it. Because of this, the KL tower blueprints were changed a little to avoid harming this beauty. 



Mini Zoo

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A fun attraction perfect for kids and adults alike, it’s not very big but will cheer up your day. There are some gorgeous exotic animals here such as massive phytons for you to put around your neck and take pictures with. There are also a variety of colourful parrots, llamas and adorable rabbits so definitely stop by for some fluffy therapy and check out our ticket options



Upside Down House

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The latest attraction in KL Tower this place is so weird, you should check it out as soon as you can. The concept will open your mind and change your perspective on modern architecture. Right by the parking lot this two-story house is literally built upside down. It stands on the roof and the furniture is above your head, it guarantees to pique your curiosity. 



Atmosphere 360 Restaurant

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For an extraordinary dining experience, the Atmosphere 360 Restaurant is one of the most fascinating attractions at this place. At 282 metres above ground and with a revolving feature, it allows you to see the bustling city view from all angles. 

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Canopy Walkway 

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Lastly, KL Tower is surrounded by a beautiful lush rainforest known as KL Forest Eco Park. Previously known as the Bukit Nanas forest reserve, now it’s one of the oldest permanent rainforest reserves left in Malaysia. Take the canopy walk which is 200 metres long and experience the view from a new angle as well as take pictures for your feed. 



So there you have it! We may have listed down eight of our favorite attractions at KL Tower, but believe us when we say that there’s more to this Malaysian landmark than what meets the eye! 

You can spend the whole day here from morning to night with worthy entertainment and delicious cuisine so keep this place on your list the next time you’re in Kuala Lumpur and check out our article on the best staycation spots for a weekend in KL.


Words by Trisha Ganan
Featured image by Vladimir Zhoga and Zuhairi Ahmad on Shutterstock