Banh Mi Kitchen Treats You to The Authentic Flavors of Vietnam In Manila

One of Vietnam’s most unique and memorable street foods is banh mi, a sandwich of traditional Vietnamese cold cuts, pate, and a medley of vegetables on a crispy French-influenced baguette. The food is a staple of Vietnamese cuisine and a great example of French colonial influence on the Southeast Asian country’s culture. 

In Manila, banh mi can be found in a few Vietnamese restaurants. However, there is only one chain that offers both classic and contemporary takes on the beloved sandwich—Banh Mi Kitchen. And you don’t even have to sit in a café or resto to enjoy their freshly made and healthy banh mi. You can simply order while on the go.



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Banh Mi Kitchen is behind some of the crunchiest, most delicious, and guilt-free banh mi in Metro Manila. Choose the healthier option at an affordable price, and pair your banh mi with an authentic Vietnamese coffee to boost your day. 

Established in 2016, Banh Mi Kitchen is the brainchild of a group of four Filipino entrepreneurs who saw the need for healthier, yet filling office lunch options. They also wanted the tasty banh mi to be more mainstream. Today, Banh Mi Kitchen has dozens of outlets across Metro Manila and is also open to franchising. 



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Banh Mi Kitchen is all about traditional and international flavors. Where else can you savor wagyu tapa, samgyupsal kimchi, spicy lechon, or cheesy kani bake in a banh mi? 

Here are a few of our Banh Mi Kitchen favorites.



The Classic

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First time to try banh mi? You can’t go wrong with the Classic priced at only 99 PHP.



Samgyupsal Kimchi

Get that Korean craving in a banh mi! The Samgyupsal Kimchi is made with gochujang barbecued pork, spicy kimchi, Japanese mayo, cilantro, and pate. It’s a very filling sandwich and priced at 139 PHP.



Lemongrass Chicken

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Get a sweet taste of Vietnam with traditional barbecued chicken, pate, cucumber, pickled radish, and carrots with Japanese mayo and hoisin sauce for 99 PHP. 



Cheesy Kani Bake

Taste the best of modern Vietnamese and Japanese flavors with the Cheesy Kani Bake, an unexpected take on the bani mi, with kani, kani dressing, cheese, bonito flakes, cucumber, cilantro, pickled radish, and carrots. This premium creation is priced at 249 PHP. 



Protein Monster

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Feeling extra hungry? Get a full bite of the Protein Monster, a hearty crunchy sandwich with Vietnamese ham, roast pork, pate, cilantro, cucumber, pickled radish, and carrots with Japanese mayo and hoisin dressing. With 32 grams of protein, the Protein Monster is a steal at 139 PHP.



To sate your cravings, Banh Mi Kitchen also offers other Vietnamese favorites, such as coffee drinks, teas and juices, and even pho noodle soup with beef balls. Additionally, you can order online a Vietnamese coffee dripper and crunchy baguettes for your home kitchen. 



Get a voucher for Banh Mi Kitchen through KKday starting at 259 PHP. Banh Mi Kitchen is located at 3/F Santolan Town Plaza, Boni Serrano Avenue, San Juan, and is open daily from 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. At Uptown BGC, Banh Mi Kitchen is located at 4/F Food Hall, Uptown Mall, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, and is open daily from 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. 



Words by Carla Martinez-Tensuan
Featured image via Banh Mi Kitchen