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5 Side Hustles You Can Try To Earn Some Extra Cash

Money may not buy happiness, but it definitely makes life a lot easier. Between living expenses, bills, savings, and the occasional trip somewhere, a single paycheck can only go so far. Every bit of additional income helps, especially in the wake of the global pandemic that has wreaked havoc on the economy. Plus, it’s always best to diversify your sources of income.

Here, we’ve rounded up five easy side hustles that can help boost your bank account significantly.



Online Selling 

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Love online shopping? Try doing the opposite—online selling—to put a little extra cash in your wallet. After all, most people are turning to the internet for everything these days, from clothes to laptops to work from home furniture. Take advantage of people’s penchant for online shopping by setting up your own shop as your online side hustle. Find a product that appeals to a specific niche, whether it’s skincare or home décor that you can acquire cheaper abroad or gadgets, craft supplies, or sports equipment.

Another option is decluttering your home and selling the things you don’t want or need anymore.  Even first-time sellers can earn a pretty penny selling their used or unused clothes, books, gadgets, and furniture online on Carousell and Facebook Marketplace.



Home Cooking or Baking

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With a lot of people thinking twice about dining in restaurants and cafés right now, it’s the best time to turn your cooking skills into a lucrative side hustle from home like the sisters behind Miss B, an online bakery that sells a variety of specialty breads such as ube cheese pandesal, milky buns, Basque-burnt cheesecake, and more!

Start with a tried-and-tested dish that you’re comfortable making or hunt for easy recipes online like chocolate chip cookies or cinnamon rolls. In the beginning, it’s best to sell to family, friends, and neighbors to get the hang of it. Eventually, you can expand and set up a separate Facebook or Instagram account for the business.

Get some tips on how to start a food business here!



Insurance or Real Estate Agent

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For people with a wide network and good interpersonal skills, being an insurance or real estate agent could be an extremely profitable side gig. While the job usually takes some training and exams, the earning potential is very high as you would be taking home a hefty commission with every sale.




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If you have the skills for it, one of the best side hustles from home is working as a freelance writer, graphic designer, or even an English teacher online. Since these jobs can easily be done remotely, there are plenty of wonderful opportunities from all over the world available on websites like Upwork, Kalibrr,, and more. Other freelance positions that are also commonly found online include social media manager, virtual assistant, or web developer.




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Finally, grow your wealth with smart investments. Investing in stocks and mutual funds is an effective way to earn passive income—and it’s something that anyone can get into, even first-time investors who are intimidated by the prospect of trading stocks. Beginner-friendly options like real estate crowdfunding are even possible through platforms like Flint.



Make the most of your time at home with these online side hustles. Who knows, you may even earn enough to tick more things off your travel bucket list! Check out a variety of beautiful destinations at KKday and start planning your next adventure now.


Words by Celia Nachura
Featured image via Vlada Karpovich on  Pexels