5 Best Tropical Staycation Spots In Pulau Tioman

Pulau Tioman or Tioman Island is a beautiful hidden gem on the east coast of peninsular Malaysia. Pristine white beaches, a laid back environment, and plenty of good food, it’s an island paradise for your next relaxing vacation. Here, we have some of the best staycation options for you to truly experience this nature reserve in all its wonders. Keep in mind to check out ferry promotions to get to the island. 



Aman Tioman Beach Resort

via Aman Tioman Beach Resort

This resort is located in Kapung Payang, Pulau Tioman, and is our first recommendation for you and your loved ones to enjoy fully. It has a picturesque beach with natural rainforest surrounding the place. One of the fun options they have is scuba diving since the location is full of natural coral reefs. Check out our promotions for a stay at this beautiful resort which includes either scuba diving or snorkelling!



Sri Sentosa Chalet 

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These cosy chalets are in the tiny fishing village of Mukut which unlike anywhere else on the island, it’s still not on the radar meaning quiet and peaceful with the natural beauty of the traditional values of the locals. Even though it’s not as popular do not make the mistake of skipping it as the place is absolutely magical and is almost a time machine to the 90s. Not just popular for its surroundings, this place is known for its first class hospitality and service.



Beach Shack Tioman 

via Beach Shack Chalet

Now, this is a family owned business and that itself has its benefits such as the completely laid back island attitude that we all want to be immersed in coupled with a hippie-like mood that will make you surrender to the relaxation and forget all your worries. Furthermore, prepare to enjoy the beach with natural palm trees, jungle trekking, boat trips, snorkeling, and fishing. The Beach Shack is on Juara Beach one of the best beaches on the island. 



Japamala Resort by Samadhi 

via Japamala Tioman Island

One of Pulau Tioman’s boutique resorts, this is a one-of-a-kind experience that cannot be missed. This place is small but very exclusive and private, hidden in about 11 acres of rainforest. Japamala has its own private beach which means no overcrowding and excellent service. They have villas in different styles such as a traditional Malay village style and some modern ones which will take your breath away. However, be prepared for jungle front villas and beachfront villas both under the category of ‘eco-luxe’ resorts.  



1511 Coconut Grove

via 1511 Coconut Grove

Lastly, we recommend the private chalet and accommodations of Coconut Grove. Featuring a sunset beachfront with more green than you can find anywhere, each villa represents Malaysian culture at it’s best. Some are inspired by traditional Malaysian architecture with lifted houses just like the old times and private balconies. With all the amenities you require, this is the nearest quality accommodation from the airport to the jetty at Tekek Village. 



With our recommendations above, start planning your next trip once the travel restrictions are lifted. What can be better than a beautiful island escape after days of being cooped up? So what are you waiting for? Check out our Agoda eVoucher for more discounts!


Words by Trisha Ganan
Featured image from Beach Shack Chalet