Learn How to Make Your Own Terrarium In These Special Workshops

Terrarium Workshop Singapore

No garden? No problem! Even if you live in an upper-floor apartment in the middle of the city, you can still create a little garden of your own with indoor plants and terrariums. Terrariums are a low-cost and space-saving alternative to gardens, and it’s a nice feeling to gaze at them on your work desk or shelf. They’re like snow globes except the winter has passed.

There are different types of terrariums and different plants you can use. In the special terrarium workshops below, you can explore the different ways you can personalize your little gardens. All of these small-group workshops have health and safety measures in place so you can enjoy the activities with peace of mind.



Closed Terrarium Making Workshop

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The most common type of terrarium is the closed or sealed type. As the name suggests, it’s where you place plants inside sealed containers. This setup lets plants thrive in their own mini-ecosystem where moisture and air circulate. That said, closed terrariums require minimal maintenance in terms of watering, though they do need to be ventilated from time to time.

If you want to learn how to choose the right plants and how to arrange them in a closed terrarium, there is a special workshop for you at The Green Capsule Singapore. The closed terrarium making workshop gets you started with a 19×9-cm. glass jar (with a size upgrade option). You can also choose one free figurine you can add to your closed terrarium. 

If you’re making it as a gift, The Green Capsule also lets you customize it further with an add-on gift card! This workshop only takes one hour.

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Open Terrarium Making Workshop

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Another common type of terrarium you can choose for your home is the open terrarium. Compared with the closed type, it makes use of an open container that lets you water your plants easily and give them access to fresh air. However, it also requires a bit more attention since the plants don’t have a self-sustaining water cycle and can grow out of the container more quickly. 

As you will learn in The Green Capsule’s open terrarium making workshop, the most suitable plants for such kind of terrarium are succulents, cacti, and air plants. There are many for you to choose from in the workshop, plus a free figurine to decorate your mini garden. 

In this one-hour activity, you can arrange them in a complimentary open glass jar (15 cm. in diameter). However, you can also upgrade to a bigger jar and even purchase a gift card to go along with it. 

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Air Plant Terrarium Greenwall Workshop

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If you want something more rustic, you can also go for a wood-framed terrarium. This kind of terrarium is ideal as wall decor, so no matter how many you make, they won’t take up a lot of space on your tables and shelves.

If you’re up for a green wall in your home, The Green Capsule’s air plant terrarium greenwall workshop is a must! You will not just learn how to design a wooden terrarium. The nature-loving staff will also teach you the secrets of caring for air plants and keeping your green masterpiece alive.

The workshop includes a complimentary 13×18-cm. wood frame and a free figurine along with the crafting materials you’ll need. It only takes one hour to create your first air plant terrarium!

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Words by Rei Leano
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