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Home Office Must-Haves to Boost Your Productivity

It’s safe to say that a lot of working adults now have a little office corner in their homes, driven by the sudden shift to a new normal. You may have been eyeing remote work as a long-term lifestyle, or you’re just hoping to get by until you can return to your natural working habitat. Either way, you’re better off with more than just a computer, a desk, and a chair.

If you’re looking to boost your productivity, check out these home office must-haves that you can easily buy online.



Anti-Glare Filter for PC/Laptop Screen

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Your eyes are the most at risk if you work a lot in front of your computer. If you’re not yet wearing eyeglasses, you might soon be. To avoid eye strain and help maintain your 20/20 vision, an anti-glare filter is an absolute work desk must-have. Most screen filters also have anti-spy features—snoopers will see nothing but a black screen if they try to peek from the sides.



Seat Cushion for Office Chair

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Sitting for a long time can make you feel uneasy and experience discomfort especially in your back and buttocks. Sometimes, a plump chair isn’t enough. In this case, an ergonomic seat cushion is a practical home office must-have if you can’t afford a premium office chair.

There are different kinds of cushions you can get depending on whether you need support for your back or bum or both. A good seat cushion helps you maintain the ideal posture, ideally one made with memory foam.




Apothecary Natural Essential Oil Hand Sanitizer  |  via Snoe Beauty, Inc.

A trusty sanitizer is a basic work desk must-have that is often overlooked. Just because you’re working in the comforts of your home doesn’t mean you’re safe from illness-causing germs and bacteria. They can easily slip into the cracks between your keycaps and mouse. So make it a habit to keep a sanitizer close. You can use it to spray on your tabletop, keyboard, and mouse, and then wipe them off with a clean cloth or tissue.

Get Snoe Beauty’s Apothecary Natural Essential Oil Hand Sanitizer to keep your hand clean and smelling good!



Desk Organizer

via Neal E. Johnson on Unsplash

Clean desk, clear mind. You can think clearly without the distraction caused by clutter on your desk. The ultimate work desk must-have is a desk organizer, which helps you keep your documents, stationery, and little trinkets sorted and in order. The best organizer takes up little horizontal space and utilizes a vertical arrangement of compartments. That way, you still have a lot of free room to move on your desk.

You might even have an extra compartment to keep your healthy snacks handy!



Insulated Tumbler

via Daniel Norris on Unsplash

If you have a dedicated space for snacks, then you should also invest in a good tumbler to keep your home-brewed coffee (or tea) warm and safe from spills. An ideal tumbler to have is one that is spill-proof so you can keep your drink close without worrying about spilling over important documents. At the same time, an insulated tumbler helps keep your coffee/tea warm even if you take your time drinking it.

You can save money from expensive to-go coffee by brewing coffee beans from Raw Bites Local Coffee Box at home.



Portable Laptop Desk/Stand

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Sometimes, we want to keep working but just can’t resist the pull of our dearest bed. Well, with a portable laptop desk, it doesn’t have to be a case of either-or anymore. You can lie on your bed and work at the same time with this home office must-have. If it gets too tough to stay on your chair, you can just grab your portable laptop stand and set it on your bed, on the floor, or on the couch. Some portable desks even come built with a cooling fan for your laptop and a coffee cup holder.



Once you’ve set up the perfect workspace with these home office must-haves, reward yourself with these delightful treats from Miss B



Words by Rei Leano
Featured image by Lowie Vanhoutte on Unsplash