10 Tips For The Best Time At Sentosa’s Mega Adventure Park

Sentosa is brimming with so many sights and activities for every type of visitor. But if your inclination is toward nature-integrated adventures you can enjoy with friends or family, Mega Adventure Park should be at the top of your list.

Mega Adventure Park in Sentosa unleashes the Tarzan and Jane in every thrill-seeker. Its main attraction is the 450-meter MegaZip that launches you over the verdure of Mt. Imbiah and into the stunning vista of Siloso Beach. Three other mega-activities complement it: MegaJump that drops you into a 15-meter free-fall, MegaClimb composed of multi-level treetop obstacle courses, and MegaBounce for some gravity-defying stunts on trampolines.

Before you head out, take note of these top tips to make sure you and your group will have the best time at Sentosa’s Mega Adventure Park!



Get the right tickets and get them early

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You have the option to buy tickets individually for each activity, but it wouldn’t feel quite complete to not experience them all. If you’re going all out, it’s best to avail of a Mega Adventure package because the price is much cheaper than individual tickets combined. 

Also, you can save more when you get your tickets online in advance. That way, you can also be sure that you and your group will be accommodated on your preferred schedule. 

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Check the height and weight requirements if bringing kids

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A great thing about Mega Adventure Park in Sentosa is that it is family-friendly. There’s really no age limit, but children need to be at a certain height and weight. For MegaZip, the requirement is 90 cm. and above (height) and 30 to 140 kg (weight). If your kid meets the height requirement but weighs below 30 kg., he/she can still ride the zipline in tandem with a qualified companion. 

Meanwhile, MegaClimb requires a height of at least 120 cm. and a weight of 25–120 kg. MegaJump and MegaBounce require 30–120 kg. and 10–90 kg., respectively.



Go early

Crowds can be hard to predict, but if you want to avoid a long waiting time, you can never go wrong with going early. That way, you can still have much time left to explore other parts of Sentosa.



Check the weather

The adventure is best savored under the sun, but a little shower sure can’t stop it. If rain is expected and you decide to proceed, bring a raincoat or jacket to keep you dry. However, activities may be paused if there is a heavy downpour or thunderstorm.



Plan your outfit

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To avoid inconveniences brought by loose slippers or revealing skirts, dress like you’re going for an exercise—wear a good-fitting shirt, comfortable pants, and closed-toe shoes. This is also to avoid discomfort from wearing the harnesses. Note that, while shorts are allowed, wearing shoes with socks is a requirement at Mega Adventure Park. 



Pack light or utilize the lockers

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If you only have a small pouch that you can secure on your body, you can take them with you as you enjoy the rides. Otherwise, you may use the park’s locker services to store your things.



Have a neck pouch or strap for your smartphone/camera

You’d be glad to know that you can bring your smartphone or camera with you as you enjoy each of the activities at Mega Adventure Park. That is if you have a neck pouch or strap to secure it. So be sure you have one ready before coming to Sentosa. 

In case you aren’t able to bring your camera or you’re not happy with your own photos, you can also purchase your MegaZip photos printed with a special Mega Adventure card frame. During your ride, look out for the staff taking your photos and smile at the camera! Once you get to the beach counter, you can choose your best shots.



Get on a friendly competition

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Spice up your group bonding by tapping into everyone’s competitive spirit. MegaZip has three zip lines, which lets up to three people launch at the same time. Make a bet on who will make it to the other end first! You can also race against the clock on the obstacle courses of MegaClimb.



Strike your best pose in action 

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Meanwhile, MegaBounce can be a goofy competition of who can strike the most creative and funniest pose mid-air! One can take photos while the other jumps on the trampoline. 



Refuel with good food

You will surely go hungry after the exciting activities. The good thing is you can fill up easily at one of the many restaurants along Siloso Beach. There are also many gastronomic gems scattered around Sentosa for you to discover. One of them is the iconic Hard Rock Cafe in Resorts World Sentosa



Mega Adventure Park, Sentosa Information

Location: 10A Siloso Beach Walk, Singapore 099008
Operating Hours: Monday to Thursday, 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. & Friday to Sunday, 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Official Website: 



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Words by Rei Leano
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